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Mar 10, 2013 09:36 AM

2.5mm Tinned Mauviel Saute

Amazon's currently has this pan in the 8-inch 1.9qt capacity for $110, which I think is really a great price for such a useful piece. I bought one the last time they had it on sale and I'm very enamored with its performance. The only small caveat I can think of is the hand wiped tin; possibly it is a bit thick, so the swirl marks/pattern is very obvious and this might bother some perfectionists.

Product description is "Mauviel M'tradition 8' Saute Pan". I'm not associated in anyway with amazon, just a recent copper convert who's trying to spread the word =p

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  1. Thanks for the heads up, Goodthyme.

    I think most copper lovers would prefer hand wiped, since, as you note, it's thicker than electroplated.

    1. Great deal, and yes, the swirly tin is indicative that it is thick, A+.

        1. do you have a link? I'm drawing a blank.

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            NJC, I believe the product description is incorrect. I purchased mine about about 2 months ago and it is 2.5mm, weights about 4lbs.

            1. re: goodthyme

              How do you like the bronze handle as as compared to the traditional cast iron?

              1. re: Bigjim68

                BigJim, I'm a little confused by your question - hehe. The sauté pan has cast iron handle. I have a WS pot with bronze handle for comparison, and I do prefer the texture of the cast iron - just something organic about the feel - though I'm not sure what will happen once the anti-rust(?) coating wears off.

                To further answer NotJulia - I don't have a caliper for precise measurement but below is a side-by-side of the sauté pan and a Mauviel 250c fry pan that's supposed to be 2.5mm:

                1. re: goodthyme

                  The model listed in your original post M'Tradition has a bronze handle, 2mm and is SS lined. I think the one you actually received is a step up. I don't remember what it is called, Pro maybe? This Mauviel is 2.5mm and is tin lined.

                  What you described is way better than the Tradition.

                  1. re: Bigjim68

                    Mauviel's name for their thickest, tin-lined, cast-iron-handled pans is M'Tradition. I don't know whether they are still making this line, and I see no sign that it is still being sold in the U.S. market (though there is still probably lingering stock).

                    The name Mauviel has applied overall to their stainless-lined pans is M'Heritage. Within the M'Heritage line are 2.5mm, cast-iron-handled pots (formerly called 'Professional', now '250c'), and 1.5mm pots available with cast brass, stainless, or iron handles (150b, s, c).

                    Mauviel no longer sell 2mm stainless-lined pans under their own brand, though they may be making some still for Williams-Sonoma; all of the W-S 2mm line have brass handles.

                    1. re: ellabee

                      Hi, ellabee:

                      You are right about these lines' names. IMO it was a poor choice to make the names M'Tradition & M'Heritage so confusingly similar.

                      There *are* still some 2mm tin-lined,
                      Iron-handled Mauviel being offered. See,


                      1. re: kaleokahu

                        I think what goodthyme has is this pot:


                        From the buy copper cookware site. As far as I know, this is the only style that fits goodthyme's description i.e. 2.5 mm, cast iron handle, and tin lining.

                        Amazon has changed their description since I first looked, Originally the photo was the fancy pancy style line, the stats are still wrong, but the photo is now correct. Still listed as bronze handle, 2mm, tin lined. At any rate, the price from Amazon is excellent. I may buy one myself. I need another copper pot.


                        1. re: Bigjim68

                          Thanks for the clarification ellabee, as I'm mostly still fuzzy about Mauviel's different lines and surprisingly not much information is readily available for many of their product lines. Case in point; recently some of their M'pure(discontinued) pieces were being sold by gilt- with very sparse description - and I was hard pressed to find any technical information on this line of product. In any event I bought two pieces (were relatively inexpensive and I was curious) and contrary to the merchant's description they were not non-stick coated but just solid aluminum with cast iron handles, like the random Bourgeat pieces that comes up on ebay every so often. Mauviel really doesn't make it easy - almost as if they are saying: if you want our stuff, you already KNOW what you want.

                          BigJim; You're right, that's the piece that I received. I'm not sure why they have the incorrect description, but the photo of the product is the correct one.

                          This is the pan:

                          1. re: goodthyme

                            When you originally posted the link, the photo was that of the bronze handled version. They changed the photo, but did not change the specs, hence the confusion. Still it is a good buy. Buycoppercookware lists the pan at $195.

                            BCC is often a good source of info on copper, particularly Mauviel. Mauviel USA not so much.