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Mar 10, 2013 09:09 AM

vandy restaurants [Nashville]

i m coming to nashville to visit my son this weekend, we have a car and $ is not an issue we need 2 great places for fri and sat nites thanks

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  1. Are you looking to stay close to the campus or would be willing to go outside of the vandy area?

    In the immediate area near campus:

    Sunset Grill
    Provence (breakfast, brunch)

    In the midtown area which is not too far from campus:

    Desano Pizza Bakery
    The Catbird Seat (high end, requires reservation)

    If you're willing to drive outside of the Vandy area:

    City House, Rolf & Daughters, Silo, Etch, Lockeland Table, and Pour House just to name a few options.

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      hi pete weve been to most of the restaurants near campus , hes a senior, thanks