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Mar 10, 2013 08:50 AM

Family Friendly Quality Restaurants

We are looking for recommendations for family friendly restaurants in DC, particularly in the Adams Morgan, & other neighborhoods as well. No chains!!!
We like all types of cuisines - particularly looking for good breakfast places and Italian and any type of Asian eateries. Also any suggestion on the best Burger or Mexican restaurant.

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  1. Casa Oaxaca in AM has very good mole sauces. I like the enmolados. Locolat, for savory Belgian waffles, is also a favorite of mine in AM.

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    1. re: Steve

      and if the kids are adventurous they might get a kick out of eating grasshoppers at Oaxaca (if on the menu) when I was 6+ (well, still really) that would appeal.

      for no surprise basics there's always The Diner.

    2. We've just moved to DC with my 3 year old and have generally found most restaurants to be kid-friendly, bring crayons, cups and straws etc.

      So far we have esp liked Mintwood place for brunch, quite noisy and lots of other kids there at the weekend.

      Sakuramen, also in Adams Morgan while not as kid-friendly, were very welcoming and my son loved the gyozas!

      Not in Adams Morgan, but I must mention 2 Amy's which we went to for lunch yesterday. VERY kid friendly and probably the best pizza I've every had!

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        Welcome to DC :) We're practically neighbors!

        Next time you're at TwoAmy's, be sure to try a sampling of their small plates, which I think blow their pizzas out of the water. Amazing how much flavor they pack into such small dishes!

        A bit closer to you is RedRocks, which puts out a very good pie and has other nice dishes (meatballs, Caesar salad, mussels, fennel salad). And if you're willing to venture to Rhode Island Ave (right off of red line), Menomale is a short walk to the BEST Neopolitan-style pizzas in the entire area.

      2. For breakfast I would head to The Diner. It's open 24 hours and has a good family vibe (unless you go at 2am...then it's mostly drunk people).

        For a higher end bistro try Mintwood Place. For Mexican I like Casa Oaxaca. Also if you are interested in a casual spot, Amsterdam Falafal is really good.

        Good burgers can be found closer to Dupont Circle at BGR.