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Mar 10, 2013 08:22 AM

Misery Loves Company, brick and mortar, Winooski, VT

We had lunch at MLC yesterday and it was FANTASTIC. Truly brilliant. My husband had the Cuban American, I had the Roast Beef sammich, and we shared an order or fries. The names of those dishes do not do them justice. :)

The roast beef had a fantastic horseradish sauce, onion jam, and fresh rocket and it was just... oh so damn good. The Cuban had pork belly (crisped) and ham and cheese (swiss I think). My husband got the MLC pickle on the side and I ate that (again SO damn GOOD, he doesn't like pickles, lunatic)

The fries were perfect. Absolutely perfect. I like my fries crisp and I usually don't bother with eating them when they're served around here because for some reason the fries are typically flaccid or squidgey or a bit smooshy. These were crisp on the outside, lovely fluffy potato on the inside, weren't too thick (I prefer thin fries), were cut from whole potatoes (still had the skin on), and served with an old bay aoli that was brilliant. They also make their own catsup. That was sweeter than I like, but it also went well with the fries. There were also plenty of fries to share.

It was on the expensive end for lunch, we spent $30 (almost exactly) for two sandwiches, an order of fries, and one Mexican coke. I probably could have been satisfied for less money if I'd ordered, say, the pork buns appetizer, but it was all so good. I'm glad I don't live closer, though. I'd blow my dining out budget on this place ALL the TIME.

Also, they redecorated. It's still a comfy space, but a bit more sleek and looks more upscale.

They just started serving Sunday lunch today. They also serve dinners and the dinner menu is different from the lunch menu. They sometimes have goat. I WANT GOAT. I have to go back of an evening sometime.

Anyway, go... do yourself a favor, and go. Also, if you've been please post your experiences here and talk about what you had. I want to live vicariously. :)

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  1. This restaurant is seriously one of the best restaurant meals I have ever had. I love food and have eaten well around the world, but this meal was consistently perfect, every small plate was amazing. At dinner with another couple we had the mushroom salad (my person favorite), octopus and two plate of meat and three. We both had the fried chicken and ordered one of every of the six side choices. I am a rigorous critic of restaurant meals (many rely on too much salt and fat without more complex flavor combinations), so was pleased to find such delight with every plate. And not very expensive either! Although the large plates were meat, a vegetarian could put together a delicious meal of small plates.

      1. Went to MLC today for lunch. I had the Saltie (salt cod fritter sandwich) and my brother had the... rough francis?? can't remember for sure the name. Fried chicken with a spicy sauce and bleu cheese. The saltie was an experiment for me. I don't eat a lot of salt cod. I liked it well enough, but it didn't capture me the way the roast beef had done. The fries were still wonderful. My husband enjoyed his sandwich, as well.