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Mar 10, 2013 07:10 AM

New Hope - Canal House Restaurant - Early 1970's

Any of you remember this sweet little place on Mechanic Street. I have this memory concerning menu/service that's been with me for some time now and I'd sure like to hear from someone that remembers enough to possibly set me straight.

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  1. I remember my mother taking me there after shows at Lambertville Music Circus. We sat outside on the canal and there were het lamps. I loved the atmosphere but don't remember anything about the menu.

    1. Didn't Gabrielle Hamilton work there as a kid? I think I read that in her autobiography (which is excellent, btw).

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      1. re: Boognish

        So, you think she could clear this up for me? Maybe I could call.

        1. re: grampart

          I'm pretty sure that she would have been too young to be there in 1970's and mostly worked as a dishwasher.


      2. There were 2 women having lunch and the server (Joe Cavalluci) puts down 2 orders of shrimp and one women said why does she have 5 and I have 4 and Joe takes one shrimp off the plate throws it in the Canal and said now you both have 4.
        And on NYEve you would throw all your dishes in the canal.

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            Yes I worked there in the late 70 early 80. What a time in NH

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              I remember eating there in the early 70's when one night we ordered steak. The waiter brought out the raw meat on a tray for our approval. I've never seen that done before or since. Ring any bells?

        1. Was this right on the Delaware canal? I recall being at a restaurant (early 1960s) that was either the Canal House or up farther on the NJ side north of L'ville but I remember it being on the water with a spectacular westward view of a brilliant autumn sunset (while eating my first artichoke with hollandaise. Heaven!)

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            The Canal House was right on the canal (west side) with the only view of note being the canal.