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Mar 10, 2013 05:54 AM

Dining in Charleston

We will be in the Charleston area from April 12th through the 20th and are looking for some great restaurants that will not break the bank. Last year we ate at Husk (loved it) and Fat Hen on Johns Island. So far we have reservations at Poogan's Porch and Hank's Seafood. We plan to have lunch at Hominy Grill on the day of our arrival. What would be on your "don't miss" list?

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  1. Cru Cafe is excellent and reasonably priced.

    1. Have you done a forum search? Many have written detailed reports about theire dining experiences. I can't type mine all over again :) I am just too lazy.

      I agrre, Cru is fun for lunch. SNOB has great lunch deals, Magnolia's as well. My experience with Poogan's is it's ok, but others are better.

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        I have a friend who raved so hard about Poogan's and I was like, what? This is it? Our experiences (2) did not leave us wanting a (3). I agree, others are better.

        Although the food is JUST ok at Fleet, I would be quicker (omg) to recommend Fleet (for your request in not breaking the bank) for a fun outdoor on the water lunch with great view.

        Really enjoy all the sister restaurants, as well as Magnolia's.

        Hanks, overall, we like it. Love the Raw Oyster bar, Shrimp and Grits, She crab soup.
        But we've had a few other "can't recommend" dishes there. Not for the price. The Bouillabaisse and the Chefs Jumbo Shrimp were really dissapointing.
        Tip - If dessert is your thing, order it here. Key lime pie yum. Pecan pie yum. Peanut butter pie yum.
        We liked more desserts here rather then........I'll probally get shot dead, but, yes - better then Kaminsky's. And you don't have to fight for them.
        And, once I could swear our server (Hank's) mentioning some sort of relation between the desserts they serve @ Hank's and the costly ones @ Peninsula Grill.

        And I would check into Amen Street for lunch (down the road from Pearlz) - We really enjoyed it but went to Amen Street for dinners only.

        Also really enjoy the Fat Hen.

        1. re: Ciao Italia Foodie

          Kaminsky's? Has always sucked big time IMO. I've never understood how anyone could recommend it who had actaully tasted any of their stuff , rather than just be amazed by the variety.

      2. Husk can be controversial. Opinions seem to be either love it or hate it, with little in between. Glad you had a good experience. Loved the Fat Hen.

        Both Poogan's Porch and Hank's are fine. Try "Fish" on King Street. The "Grocery" on Cannon, "2 Boroughs Larder" on St. Phillips as well.

        1. Honestly, the choices of Poogan's and Hank's makes me think you might have been looking through a dated guide book. Poogan's is a nice space, and they have very good biscuits, and other than that...i don't recommend it.

          Hank's is better, I've never been unhappy with any meal there except when I ordered a traditional fried seafood platter. But it's not among the best in Charleston anymore. OF course, now that I look at your dates, it wouldn't be a crime to get an average meal or two...that's a lovely long vacation you have!