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Mar 9, 2013 07:29 PM

Good place for mom and daughter lunch in Seattle near Space Needle?

Visiting from Texas with my six yr old daughter. We are both adventurous eaters and would love to have great seafood, specifically Dungeness Crab! Does not need to be fancy, we will be on a whirlwind trip that day - EMP, Chihuly Gardens, Space Needle and maybe squeeze in Pike Place Market - that's our general area. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks.

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  1. Pike Place Market would be fun (in the market):

    Or Ivar's, down at Pier 54 off of Alaskan Way:

    Ivar's is Seattle home-grown and a Pacific NW institution. The Alaskan Way location is Ivar's Acres of Clams officially.

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      I would definitely eat at the market so many choices. Not sure the best for the crab though.

    2. Fish throwin' at Pike Place Fish Market is fun for kiddos to watch :-)

      1. If you want to eat within walking distance of the needle, there is now a very nice little restaurant just steps away, called Collections Cafe (connected to the Chihuly glass exhibit).

        The Cafe is family friendly, but with enough flair not to disappoint a foodie adult.

        For more downscale options, also right alongside the Needle:

        I agree that for quality seafood, you'll be better off in and around the Pike Place Market. If you go that route, consider Steelhead Diner and Etta's: