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Mar 9, 2013 06:35 PM

Best weekday breakfast within 10-15 minute walk from Sheraton Centre, Toronto

Hi all,
Staying at the Sheraton Centre next week (Queen and University) with 2 tween kids and am in need of some suggestions for a good breakfast place. I don't want to eat at the hotel Was looking at Garbardine which looks good + I have not been yet. Any other suggestions? Also need a great pizza or burger place for dinner. Thanks!

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  1. Maybe this for pizza at dinner?:

    (I know....answering my own posts....just found this - I had thought that Terron opened a higher end place at the Queen and Victoria location, not a pizza-pasta place.)

      1. If you just wanted pastries/muffins one day, the O&B in the basement of the Bay is good. There's also Thuet at Yonge & King. Little Nicky's would be fun for the donut machine.
        For pizza, Mercatto on Bay is an option.

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          Great ideas everyone. Thanks so much. Is Little Nicky's a coffee shop with hot drinks and donuts, or can one have a "proper" breakfast there, ie, eggs + bacon type stuff?

        2. Cereal Bar down at Commerce Court food court!

          But I would do Gabardine though! ...

          Mercatto on Bay seems to also have some breakfast items - I've gone in to take out coffee once..

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            They have a few baked goods and fruit with ricotta I believe - grab and go stuff but there's lots of seating, not a bad place to linger over coffee.

          2. There's also these that are open for 7am.. :

            Sunset Grill (yonge/richmond)

            Over Easy (yonge/king)

            The Senator (Victoria/Dundas)

            ... and Fran's (victoria/shuter, open 24 hours, I think.. )