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Mar 9, 2013 06:32 PM

Trattoria 632, Purchase NY

Went to this restaurant recently based on the reputation of its pizza and Italian flair. Started off with a pizzette and it was great. Fresh and all the people at the table were impressed. We also ordered a slice to see what it was like. It was a lot larger then most slices that I have seen in other restaurants that are similar. Most of the people at our table had salad to start off with, their signature salad (632 Salad) was great with fresh greens, and a succulent dressing. For entrees we had pasta, Osso Bucco (on the special menu), and chicken francaise. All in all a good experience, and the place was quite crowded. We did not have time to try the Gelato but the options were amazing. We will be back

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  1. New menu and apparently my spies tell me that a new chef started as well.