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Phuket in Wakefield is now Open

We just returned from Phuket and I'm happy to report that Wakefield has a great new addition to its dining options and by far the best Thai restaurant in town.
The old space of Zaleks has been beautifully transformed to an elegant dining room of stacked stone, dark wood accents and white tablecloths.
We started with the crispy corn cake and Fresh Garden Roll appetizers. The corn cakes were served over greens with diced fresh veggies and sweet chili sauce. Very yummy. Loved the rice paper wraps which were filled with vermicelli noodles, cucumber, carrot and grilled chicken.
Hubby had the spicy cashew chicken as his entree and I chose to have the hot and sour shrimp soup followed by Som-tum Papaya salad. The soup was pleasantly spicy and had a great sour punch. The soup comes with Enoki mushrooms, shrimp and tomato. My papaya salad was delicious, topped with grilled chicken. I can't stress this enough, this restaurant knows how to grill chicken. I wanted to amp up the spice level so when I asked for chiles, a small dish of freshly ground birds eye chiles and garlic arrived at the table.
Hubby's chicken and cashews had a nice array of fresh veggies in a mildly spicy sauce.
We didn't order a curry but I was pleased to see the extended varieties beyond just red, green and Panang. Massamam, Indonesian and jungle curries as well.
Service was very attentive and friendly. Truly looking forward to exploring the menu more.

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  1. Chicken with Cashews, Som-Tum Papaya Salad

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      Uncle PH and Ferrari, and others like me who haven't found good Thai around here.. I was just wondering if any of you have tried Sei Bar and how it compared for you to Phuket? I haven't been to Phuket yet, but I was pleasantly surprised when I tried Sei Bar and found it much better than the other Thai around here..

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        Yes, we have been to Sei Bar once, just after they first opened. However, we went in for sushi and not Thai. We had also been to their Everett location. As a sushi spot, I was underwhelmed. Nothing bad but just not remarkable. We had the same experience at the other location and thus, we've never returned. I suppose in all fairness we should try them again, and sample the Thai food, but I must confess, it's going to very hard to get me to drive past Phuket for Sei Bar.

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          thanks, I agree.. I would never be able to drive past Sushi Island to eat sushi at Sei Bar but I am curious what u think of their Thai food... I reviewed what we ate there, and it was really good, but it was a really simple meal and not a real sampling..

    2. I visited for lunch today and what I delightful place! I can happily report that they serve lunch 7 days a week in the form of Lunch Boxes. I had to try the Phuket's Wings appetizer and it was 6 pieces of delicious sweet and slightly hot chicken wings fried to a crispy perfection. Best crispy wings I have had in a long time.
      Lunch boxes are served with a Tofu soup and how boring does that sound? Much to my delight it was really good, seaweed and roasted garlic in addition to the tofu.
      The Lunch Boxes also come with two crispy spring rolls with a sweet dipping sauce. A very fresh salad is also included as is rice. Seafood Combo contained mussels, shrimp, scallops, squid, mushroom and string beans and a few more fresh veggies. Everything was cooked perfectly including the big pieces of squid. The sauce was really complex and interesting. This was listed as two peppers but was really just one pepper, no big deal, I can just ask for it hotter the next time. Only miss was that the rice was cold but I wasn't planning on eating too much of it anyway and the string beans could have been cleaned better, still had the the little tip attached. The scallops were the real thing since I got the little abductor muscle stuck in my teeth from one of them.
      Beautiful interior with good quality furniture.

      Phuket (A twist on Thai)
      21 Princess Street
      Wakefield MA


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        I didn't read the menu carefully enough but to clarify, there isn't only Lunch Boxes available at lunch but also dishes from the regular menu are available in lunch sizes.

      2. Sounds very promising...a worthy successor to Zalek's old spot. Is there a menu online somewhere?

        1. Hubs and I just had lunch there as well. Another knock outta the park. Best green papaya salad I've ever had. A good kick to it too. Shared fresh rolls. 4 large veggie filled rolls served w tastey peanut sauce. Hubs had Basil chicken. He forced himself to stop eating the whole thing b/c he wanted to eat it again tonight. Delicious food. Lovely hosts.FINALLY a Thai place we can return to again and again.
          Go there NOW!

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            hey shae, we'll have to try it although hubby thinks it will just be too sad to be in there and have it not be Zaleks....

            1. re: chompie

              Have no fear. You are going to LOVE it! :)

          2. Unfortunate name, though. As in "I was gonna try it, but then I said....."

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              I wondered how one would pronounce it...... thx, I think. ;)


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                We used to eat at their West Rox location a lot - I think that it's pronounced "FOO-ket."

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                  Haha! It's actually pronounced POO-ket, but we've been childishly mispronouncing the name with much glee. Small things make me happy.

            2. I asked about the name today and it's actually two words PHU KET but to confuse everyone their website for the other restaurant has it as PHU - KET so I'm still confused, but that's normal. Anyway went back for lunch again today and tried the Spicy Duck Fried Rice for lunch today, marked as 2 peppers for spiciness. It had some interesting veggies in there including Broccoli Rabe. There was a good amount of boneless duck included and overall it was a very good dish but the duck was reheated and was slightly dry but it was very flavorful and tasted great and the fat was nicely rendered. All the veggies were nicely cooked and still crispy. Spicelevel was about 1 pepper but the nice waitress said that she could bring out some chili oil if I wanted it more spicy but it was OK as it was. There was also a fair amount of business at lunchtime as well as takeout being picked up.


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                Phuket is a province in the south of Thailand, a jumping off point for the islands, an island and destination itself.

              2. The good news is that they will have outdoor seating in the spring/summer. The bad news is that spring is nowhere to be seen :-(. Todays lunch was the Grilled Spareribs Lunchbox. Marinated spareribs in sweet pineapple sauce with rice, salad and two crispy rolls. Three really meaty ribs made for an excellent lunch. The ribs were cooked to an almost fall of the bone state but remained to still have some chew left. I was afraid this was going to be too sweet for me but it all did come nicely together. The salad was fresh, very light dressing with a hint of the sweet and spicy sauce that you get with the wings. I also got a compementary Spicy Corn Cake appetizer to try. Really nicely done, crispy with sweet corn and drizzled with a spicy mayo on a bed of greens.


                1. Happy to see so many good reports on Phuket. We returned to Phuket for lunch yesterday and really couldn't be happier with the meal. The lunch Bento boxes are truly a bargain. I had the Tender Beef with mushrooms and Hubby had the Ginger Scallion Tofu. Both priced well under $10 and including Tofu Soup, two spring rolls, rice and salad. We ordered the Garden Wrapped Rice Paper rolls and as a pleasant surprise the chef sent out an order of the Crispy Vegetarian Rice Cakes, on the house! Everything was amazing. I'll spare you the verbiage in lieu of pictures of all we ate. I have say, I had somewhat given up on Thai food in our area, now I can't get enough.

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                    I can't agree with you more about giving up on Thai in the area and now having this delightful place to go to. Can't wait to try the outdoor seating if spring finally arrives. I had the Grilled Pork Chop Lunch box for lunch today and it was a substantial piece of very tender bone in pork chop nicely grilled, served with some barely cooked mushroom and a light gravy. The mushrooms were perfectly cooked for me since I only like them raw or just heated up as they were done here. Springrolls were their normal crispy goodness and the salad was again really fresh. A bargarin for $7.95.


                  2. I have to say, my first reaction to this restaurant when I first heard of it was, "What ANOTHER Thai restaurant in Wakefield?" However, my husband and I have had two lunches here so far and both have been spectacular.

                    Today we had the Phuket wings - very crispy and a sauce with the right balance of sweet, sour, and spice for me.

                    We both got lunch boxes which are a great lunch deal. We both like the soup that comes with it. Light broth and nicely seasoned. My husband got the pork chop and Ferrari328 got the description perfect. Tender, bone-in with just enough fat to be a little naughtly. My husband loved it. I got the BBQ chicken which was a chicken breast sliced and topped with peanut sauce. Also very enjoyable.

                    Service was very attentive without being overly so and our food was relatively quick - we were in and out in under an hour.

                    Oh, and outside seating was available today. Yay Spring!

                    Definitely on our regular list now!

                    1. Can't get enough of this place. I asked for their recipe for peanut sauce ( the one they serve w the fresh rolls) and they graciously wrote it down for me. Love that. :)

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                        Do you think they would mind if you shared it? I loved their peanut sauce!

                        1. re: Ladycale

                          Not at all. They make it by the gallon so all they could give me was the ingredient list. You'll have to experiment to get it right.
                          White sugar, white vinegar, touch of fish sauce, hot water, salt, finely chopped peanuts
                          Dissolve the sugar in hot water, add vinegar, salt, fish sauce. Top w crushed peanuts

                      2. Do they have a website? Was thinking of getting takeout tonight but I can't find a menu online. Maybe it's just me.

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                          Their Facebook page is the only thing I've found, and I don't see the menu their either.


                          With that said... Go.

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                            No website yet but you can probably use the menu from the original restaurant http://phuketboston.com/.


                          2. I am from Wakefield and this is by far the best thai food going in and around this area. There is no comparison on the quality and the service in total. Delicious clean and flavorful food. We have visited three times so far and will contineu to do so...and yes, the name is pronounced (poo ket). Regardless of the name, I hope everyone finds there way to Princess Street, across from the Fire/Police station it is well worth it. they also serve beer and wine and yes you can also dine outside and it is a nice quiet area. Enjoy!

                            1. I had enough of seeing and reading about the lobster soup so I had to finally try it. The Spicy Lobster Soup might not look too exciting but what a nice soup! Rich broth with a good amount of lobster chunks and fragrant with coconut milk and lemongrass. There was jasmine rice in there as well and this was a lot of food for an app and well worth the price. If you ask for it extra spicy it will come out as the advertized one pepper. I also tried the Whale Tails and while they were good nothing could bet the soup!


                              1. Went for lunch today for some al fresco dining.
                                For lunch today I tried the Garlic & Clams entree that comes with a couple good sized slices of tender pork. Everything was cooked nicely and with a really tasty flavor. What's better than pork and clams? Yes there was garlic in the garlic and wine sauce! If you are really hungry, try asking for the $1 special when ordering from the lunch sauteed specials. Not really official yet but available if you ask.


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                                  Apparently we just missed you. Noe, even mentioned that you had just been there. I had the lunch box special with the Combo Seafood. I asked for it extra spicy so they added Thai Bird Chiles to the sauce. Really great. She mentioned to us as we'll that they will add salad and soup to any lunch entree for just $1 more, as well. With most lunch entrees coming in around $8 this makes Phu-ket not only one of the best Thai restaurants around but also one of the best bargains around, too.

                                2. No lunch on Sundays during the summer and the Lunch Box lineup has changed. Notable is that the Grilled Spare Ribs are gone and the soup is also 86'ed. The Seafood Basil Box I had today is new and delicious. Shrimp, scallop, squid, mussels, mushrooms, red peppers and onions in a spicy chili basil sauce. Everything was cooked perfectly and since we now understand each other on the spiciness level this was runny nose hot! You can also get steamed noodles in addition to brown rice for an additional $.50.
                                  They will be open on July 4th, not sure how much business they will get.


                                  1. They are starting serving Sunday lunch again tomorrow. In my previous entry I said that the soup is 86'ed for the lunch boxes but that's only on the takeout menu.