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Mar 9, 2013 06:03 PM

It's that time of year again . . . back to New Orleans -- comments? suggestions?

Back to NOLA next week for our annual DUI conference ("Mastering Scientific Evidence") -- this time Lynn is one of the speakers -- and have the following reservations:

Wednesday: Patois (dinner) -- after a private party @ Bayona (long story)

Thursday: Bayona (dinner)

Friday: Galatoire's (lunch); dinner is open -- based upon when we get hungry after lunch.

Saturday: brunch in Breaux Bridge; R'evolution (dinner).

Sunday: completely open

Monday: Comander's Palace (lunch); dinner open

Tuesday: probably SoBou before we fly out . . .

Any additions? Any substitutions?

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  1. A perfect Sunday that complements the places you are already going would be Cochon Butcher for lunch and Domenica for dinner. SoBou, to me, is more of a dinner place. How bout Monday after Commander’s. Small plates work well in case you overdid it at lunch. Since you probably have a car, how about venturing toward the airport for lunch. You can hit Drago’s in Metairie or maybe Charlie’s Seafood in Harahan. Oh, one other thing. You might want to try one of our great Vietnamese places on this trip. You can go out East to Dong Phuong or head up Magazine Street and try Magasin.

    1. Where are you staying?

      I am going there next month. Looking for new ideas too. Never been to Bayona - menu too game-heavy for my taste. Tell me about Patois. Have you been there before.

      If you are in the Quarter - and looking for something different.. I have always liked the cozy and quiet Louisiana Bistro on Dauphine.

      Had the most fantastic filet mignon topped with crawfish butter sauce.

      Wow..who knew...ranked #1 by trip advisor at some point

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      1. re: Ambiance

        Normally we avoid staying the Quarter like the plague -- even though every conference we attend is based there . . .

        My wife and I get to New Orleans at least once, if not twice, a year, and have been for the last decade or so. (I first visited New Orleans in 1970.) We skipped only one trip due to Katrina, and then resumed our visits.

        We used to stay at the International House pre-K, but it was never the same after that -- service (and staff) went downhill; probably because they put electric lights in Loa . . .

        Since its grand reopening, we normally we stay at The Roosevelt, but this year we actually are staying in the Quarter -- the W on Chartres.

        Patois is one of our favorite places we find ourselves going back to again and again . . . not only is Chef Aaron Burgau a very nice person, but he's a heck of a chef! The restaurant itself is the sort of casual, neighborhood "joint" that we all wish was right around the corner . . . except that -- if it was -- we'd be there all the time and never cook for ourselves!

        Interesting thought about Bayona -- but I have *never* thought of that as having a "game-oriented" menu. Then again, I don't really think of quail or veal sweetbreads as game (two staples on the menu). There's always fish, duck, lamb . . . but not necessarily things like elk, buffalo, or venison . . .

        C'est la vie.

        1. re: zin1953

          Just looked at Bayona menu - you are right - only rabbit (which is considered game, right?). Maybe I will try it next month - only have heard good things. and, check out Patois,

          Been to Nola many times too - got married in Jax Sq. I was lucky enough to work there and live in the Quarter for three years ending in 2011. It's so funny, I think the exact opposite than you . Would never consider staying anywhere near Canal. Way too much crime. My boss got hit over the head and had his briefcase stolen and a young couple who was just strolling along on Canal - the wife shot dead all on the same day. I am living proof that you can live, eat, party and shop for 3 years without ever setting foot on Bourbon St. Maybe someday you might try one of the quieter parts of the Quarter in the "neighborhood" sections - Lower Quarter. There is nothing like waking up early and walking for good coffee and fresh baked croissants. You see all the locals walking dogs and watering their beautiful balcony plants and flowers.

          If you are ever super-flush with cash. We rented this with three other couples. It was spectacular - waking each morning and watching the riverboats

          Hope you give a post-trip review ! Enjoy

        2. re: Ambiance

          Just to be clear, Bayona does not serve game.

        3. Sunday brunch. Lovely setting in GD. Great, creative food. IMHO

          Oh another GREAT place - for the ambiance and great bar. The Columns Hotel on St Charles - beautiful old mansion - where they filmed Pretty Baby with Brook Shields many moons ago. Playboy rated their bar the best in nola one year. Gorgeous old paneled wood and antiques. They used to have a jazz brunch on the big front porch

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            1. re: zin1953

              Only problem - a group of us went to the Columns for drinks before taking a cab to Achafalaya for dinner. We all were completely and utterly smashed the drinks were so strong. That's another reason why I like Achafalaya - they took it all in stride....even gave us a private dining room.

              1. re: Ambiance

                Probably a wise decision on their part. ;^)

          1. FWIW, Saturday's plans have changed . . . we're off to Hogs for the Cause in City Park.

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            1. re: zin1953

              Donot eat a big breakfast. More pig than you could eat in a lifetime. Have fun. Stay for Robert Randolph.