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Mar 9, 2013 05:51 PM

Alt Venue Bat Mitzvah in Southern Westchester

Looking for a non-Country Club atmosphere for about 100, Sound Shore area a plus, not too pricey if possible.

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  1. I asked a similar question recently with no responses. When is the Bat Mitzvah?

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    1. re: rolise

      Not til October 2014. I'm interested in Life, the Place to Be, but it is pricey once you add in food, DJ etc.

      1. re: Byzantina

        Posto 22 in New Rochelle caters larger events up to about 130 people at the Avalon across the street which has views since it is the top floor. I have not talked to them only looked at the web site. Chat 19 in Larchmont is supposed to have a room but also have not looked yet. Our son wants a Life style party too. He is May 2014 but we don't have our date yet.