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Simple Burger, Fries and Hot Dogs

Today we were in Chateauguay and went to Restaurant Gregoire for a hamburger. The food and service were really good. It was jam packed. Where do you like to go for a burger fix?

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  1. Grégoire is in Mercier not Chateauguay. Used to be in Sainte-Martine. I like the place a lot even though it's rather expensive. My family has been going there for as long as I can remember. The regular poutine is so-so. I don't like the cheese they use nor the sauce. But the sauce they put on the Italian poutine and the michigans is amazing. Their burgers are quite good and would be even better if the patties weren't so dry. They have Marco spruce beer, which is a real plus.

    And to answer the question, my two favourite burgers are at Lawrence and Five Guys.

    EDIT: It's expensive, but on the other hand, the service is above and beyond and there's no tipping allowed. I'm told the workers get a pretty decent wage.

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      On a sidenote SnackHappy, you're still live in the South Shore(Chateauguay area)? I'm always looking for good eats in my local area(Brossard) & surrounding areas.

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        I don't live there, but my parents do and it's where I grew up. I don't have any recs for Brossard, sorry. It's not somewhere I go very often. The last good place I tried was Yasu on Rome near the 132, but that was over a year ago.

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          Hey I just found out about Yasu(about a week ago). It's on my list to try.

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            Didja notice the sandwich joint across from the maple mall changed from "Di Lallo" to "Lallo Sandwich" or somesuch?
            I guess they got some heat from Dilallo...

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              No, I didn't. It's been a few months since I've been by there. It's not surpassing, though, since the place was basically a Dilallo clone.

      2. Nouveau Palais' burgers are my top right now for a sit down place. Five Guys for a fast food place, although I don't know if it's my imagination or inconsistency but they seem to be getting thinner and dryer.

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          They are getting thinner - I watched them cook the burgers when I stopped by for one last week. In the U.S., they griddle-fry them, flipping them once. Here (at least at the downtown location), they fried them on one side, then flipped them and flattened them with a press, so they were substantially thinner than usual, then cooked the crap out of them, proceeding to cut each burger open slightly to make sure they were "properly cooked through" before taking them off the griddle. Still tasted good, but...
          When hubby went by a few days later and asked for his to be less well-done, they refused, saying they weren't allowed to cook them any other way. Which sucks.

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            All the Five Guys locations everywhere smash(flattened) their burgers. Five Guys doesn't allow any Five Guys location to cook their burgers less than well-done, although there was a report on this board the Laval Five Guys location was doing it less than well-done on request.

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            Nouveau Palais is also my go-to place for burgers and fries. I love it's simplicity (no fancy toppings!) and the buns are great. Everyone we have brought there agrees with us, probably the best burger in the city.

          3. I went to the "new" place in Laval, La belle et La Boeuf. Their burgers are amazing! The sides were also delicious, best coleslaw i ever had.

            I had the baba burger.

            1. i like different places in different mood!

              For burger craving, i love five guys burger
              for poutine & hot dog craving, i'll go for hot dog mont-royal (really not expensive) or orange julep (they do not only have orange juice!!!!)

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                Orange Julep is a Montreal institution!

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                  hey, i know that Gibeau Orange Julep restaurant (also known colloquially as OJ or The Big Orange) is a montreal base restaurnt but they do sell fast food (and good ones)

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                    it's debatable whether or not orange julep is any good. their hot dogs are decent. the fries are usually either limp or undercooked. the burgers aren't very good. overall, the place is pretty average and way over-priced.

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                      Yeah... i have to agree with catroast.

                      It is a Montreal institution, but I think it may have gone downhill or my bar has raised considerably in the past 15 years. When i went last year, boasting to my boyfriend how great this place was when i was a child, my illusions were shattered.

                      Sometimes, it's better to cherish your memories rather than relive them.

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                        the nathan's dogs are good but way too expensive for me

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                          They have Nathan's dogs at a reasonable price (under $4 IIRC) at Greenspot in Little Burgundy, along with some of the best fries in town. Their burgers are pretty good too, but I'd ask to hold the relish and coleslaw, their sourness really overwhelm the burger taste.

                          Diallo down the street has a decent burger too but their fries are McDonaldish (thin, frozen) rather than Montreal pataterie-style. The only thin fries that I've liked were from Patati Patata.

                          Buns has really gone downhill. Last time I tried the downtown location their bun was too hard, the fries terrible (overcooked, too oily and that oil was waaayy past its prime). Picks around the corner is OK, they also grill their meat on a gas grill. Their fries are better than Buns' but still well short of Greenspot's.

                          I tried Dic Annes' burgers, it's a fairly unique take on the subject but one that I didn't like very much, flat buns and runny sauce, as if you've dropped too much H1 sauce on the patty. Very average thin frozen fries. There is also a large dessert counter with thin dried-up American-style pies and generic cupcakes, not in the league of nearby cake shops (Wavel, Pekarna, Adonis etc).

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                            I tried a Dic Ann's burger for the first time this summer and didn't like it either. The runny sauce is gross, with the consistency and taste of the leftover 'juice' from a bowl of bland chili. The burger didn't have a meaty, beefy flavour or feel and left my stomach feeling off; in fact it reminded me of why I haven't eaten at McDonald's in 15 years. Lesson: Unfortunately, just because something's an unpretentious Montreal institution, doesn't mean it's any good.

                            1. re: Shattered

                              Green Spot burgers are ok for a casse croute $3-$4 burger, they are made in house and not pre packaged but besides that nothing out of the ordinary. Thumbs up as well to GS fries. As for Dic Anns I had one probably 10 years ago, really don't get it, just didn't do it for me.

                            2. re: MTLjam

                              Speaking of Buns...
                              I remember the buzz on CH when they were new and they were good.
                              But yeah, they went downhill at a steady rate.
                              I always wondered why. Original ownership was very young and so is the staff. Don't know if thats part of it or not...

                              We ate at Mr. Steer for the first time this past week (rushed pre-Eagles bite to eat).
                              Although not innovative, I thought the quality of the meat was very high (Mrs Porker's burger and my hamburger steak). It reminded me of hand-ground meat at home.

                2. I would say give Mont Royal Hotdog a try :

                  Mont Royal Hot Dog,
                  1001, ave. du Mont-Royal E
                  (514) 523-3670,

                  1. I would go to Burger Etc on Sherbrooke in NDG. I made a post about it on the Openings thread. NDG residents now have a legit burger joint.

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                      Where is Burger etc in NDG. Sherbrooke near what?

                        1. re: maisonbistro

                          Between Prud'homme and Decarie, on the north side of Sherbrooke, right next to the comptant.com pawn store

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                          I finally tried Burger de Ville and I was quite satisfied. If i had to compare it with another place, it would be like that new place that opened up next to the KFC in NDG. The burgers are very similar except BdV's patties aren't seasoned it seems and they don't have coleslaw as a topping. An individual burger and fries are definitely cheaper at BdV but the new place now has a Burger Trio for like 8.69$ which makes it a lot more affordable than paying for a 7 dollar burger + 2.75$ fries and a 2 dollar drink. I have to say I preferred Burger etc only slightly more because, i had take out from BdV and my burger was sitting for a while in transit. I just can't be bothered to take the bus allthe way to Montreal West when Etc is right next door.

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                            Wow! Now that's a really good burger at Burger Etc, even though there were a couple of positive reviews in here I was expecting another boring dry overcooked burger. This one is right up there with Nouveau Palais, maybe better I'd have to go back to NP to compare.

                            The patty was cooked perfectly, I asked for medium and he nailed it, it was really juicy and tasty. $10 tax in for a really good sized burger, more than enough fries (very good as well) and a drink, I think that's beyond a really fair deal for what you are getting.

                            For comparison sakes, I had BdV only once and was not impressed, I found it on the dry side but I'm willing to give it another shot, Jukebox is a joke and way overpriced, a burger I recently had at Wings N Things was just not good. I enjoy Five Guys for what it is but for an extra $1+ why would you not go to Burger Etc.

                            1. re: JerkPork

                              Fine, I guess I'll go try it.. haha. I see it quite often and it doesn't seem very inviting, but I guess you can't judge a book by its cover

                              1. re: artstate

                                You definitely can't. It's unfortunate because I think these guys aren't doing too well because of the signage and the area.

                                I highly suggest the hot dogs, you can get any burger toppings that you want from it and the dogs (at least they used to), are all beefs from this kosher butcher shop in Outremont called Mehadrin. Priced about the same as every other mains at this joint, but it definitely beats the dogs of hipster joints out there in terms of bang for your buck, and I'm not just talking about bigger portions.

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                                  Is that the place at the corner of Parc and Bernard? And is it the same business as this firm? http://mehadrin.ca/ If so, it is odd that there is no link to the retail outlet.

                                  1. re: lagatta

                                    Now that I think about it, I'm not sure anymore, I thought it was someplace in Outremont, but i now think it's probably the one from the link.

                                    1. re: Ghostquatre

                                      That is right at the limit of Mile-End and Outremont (Outremont starts one street east of there, at the west side of Hutchison). There is another strictly kosher grocery store and butcher's a bit west of there on Bernard, in Outremont. Both seem to be run by Hassidic people, and I'd imagine that both could carry Mehadrin products. Another at the corner of Hutchison and St-Viateur as I recall, as well as a kosher supermarket on Parc just north of St-Viateur, on the east side of the street.

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                                Reporting back:
                                Got a burger with bacon and cheddar. I forgot to ask them to cook it medium, but it didn't matter, the meat was very juicy.
                                Toppings tasted fresh, bun was good (onion roll?), cheese was good and perfectly melted and the beef was tasty.
                                Delicious burger, quite large and filling, and for the price it's a no-brainer ($12 something for the bacon/cheddar with fries and a drink, tax included).
                                Fries had skin on and weren't too salty, well done. This place deserves a lot of credit and I'll be going back. It's too bad that it seems empty a lot of the time; the décor inside is nice and spotless and they had a lot of different hot sauces on the counter that you can use (nice touch)

                            2. My favorite is Patati Patata on St Laurent/ Rachel.