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Mar 9, 2013 05:00 PM

Chow Fun [Oakland]

I am a sucker for chow fun, but hadn't had it for a long time. Husband and I went to Legendary Palace a few weeks ago after a long drive back from Mt. View in the rain. We hadn't been there for years.

We ordered pretty boring dishes and they were okay, but the chow fun was bad. The noodles were nice, but the sauce was sickly sweet and thick. The chicken was okay but who cared when the sauce was so bad.

I don't remember ever ordering chow fun at LP....mostly we went there for office lunches.

Where does one find good chow fun in Oakland?

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  1. Believe it or not Crispy Fry in the Emeryville Public Market does a great Dry Beef Chow Fun.
    Good Wok hei, not overly oily, Meat is good, Noddles have a nice chew. No Yellow Chives but for the price I wouldn't expect them.

    1. New Gold Medal In Oakland (formerly Sun Hong Kong) serves a good beef chow fun...but it matters if it's dry or wet (gravy).

      I like it dry and burnt a little bit. With gravy, I'm not sure about.

      +1 Crispy Fry...that and their fish and chip

      1. We had a nice platter of gai lon beef dry fried chow fun at Saigon Seafood today, along w. many other items. The beef and the broc was cooked perfectly, some wok hay and very delicious, as were numerous dim sum items.

        1. Try Fortune Restaurant. An added bonus is that they open late too.