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Mar 9, 2013 03:47 PM

"Sugar industry's secret documents ..."

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  1. Did anyone highlight this last fall when MJ wrote about it?

    1. Thanks for posting this. Dismaying, but not too surprising.

      1. "Follow the money..."

        Too bad there is now way to show who receives funding from special interest groups.

        I'm a skeptic of all these fad maladies as well as special interest groups.

        1. Looks like this a sleeper revelation, even here.

          Even if the industry tried to influence reporting and government recommendations, did it make much difference?

          I found, for another thread, a USDA 1999 paper that found that sugar consumption was 3x the food pyramid recommendation. It looks like we like our sugar, regardless of what the government, doctors and researchers say.

          On a related issue, a court just struck down NYC's attempt to limit the size of sweet drinks.

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            But soda consumption has been falling. Bottled water is up: