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May 16, 2006 02:34 PM

Good and authentic Cantonese style restaurant in San Diego

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Hi. Any suggestion where I can take my father who is visiting from the Monterey Park area for some authentic and good restaurant? I am considering China Max but are open to suggestions. Thanks.

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  1. If your dad is from Monterey Park, he lives in one of the best areas in S. CA for great Cantonese food. He will probably be disappointed with whatever SD has to offer. Might want to consider other cuisines.

    1. See the thread on Jasmine vs Emerald. While these don't compare with Monterey Park, your father will probably not be disappointed in either one. He won't be coming to SD specifically to eat at these two, but he won't be disappointed.

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        Thanks for the reply. I took him to China Max after trying out Emerald a day before his arrival. Emerald had better Chinese food but the price was overly inflated.