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Mar 9, 2013 02:04 PM

Media Location: Most ethnic fine

Gotta problem for which I sure could use help. Next Saturday night,
we can meet our visiting family in West Chester for dinner, but we
are not able to drive at night. (From Center City)

We could get to Media by public transportation; what can you suggest
as a neat place that would please many tastes? Not looking for
high end expensive, but priority would be quiet enough to talk
easily. Doesn't have to be fancy, but Italian, seafood, Chinese
would fit the bill nicely, as long as its quiet. We will be meeting
fairly early, so that might help a bit.

Grateful for any suggestions out of our normal area that we are familiar

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  1. A second thought. Other than Media, is there another Westernish site easily reached by bus or train from Center City? Our family is driving from West Chester; we are trying for convenient for them as well.

    1. Its also easy to get to Wayne on the Paoli/Thorndale line.
      Margaret Kuo's is very quiet. Some of the other Wayne spots are more noisy (Theresa's/Great American Pub and the like).

      In Media, the Towne House isn't spectacular but is very standard Italian fare and very quiet.

      1. If catching the train, there are a couple good spots in Bryn Mawr like Tango (Contemporary American), Verdad (Tapas), and Lourdas or Mediterannean Grill (Greek/Mediterranean) which is right by the train station. Sola (Contemporary American) is an option but it is a bit of a walk if you were coming from a train.

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        1. re: paychecktoday

          Good ideas, paycheck, but we were hoping to get closer
          to West Chester where the rest of our family would be
          driving from. Tango is right by the train station,
          so that is a possibility.

          Not being able to drive at night is the pits. At least summer
          is coming.