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Mar 9, 2013 01:39 PM

Florida Cookery

Going tonight. I will be ordering BBQ Shrimp. What else is good?

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  1. empanadas, duck egg - cheese broil, quail, ribs, burger; any fish w Kris is usually good too but I haven't yet had at Florida Cookery.

    1. MIA is not my beat...

      But I loved the Sticky Guanabana Glazed Ribs w Green Papaya Slaw when I was there in Jan, as Frod advises.

      My pix and details here...

      1. Just came back from a great meal there (you inspired me). In addition to previously mentioned items, conch chowder, pecan-dusted grouper, key lime pie were all excellent.

        1. Try not to go during Sunday brunch. Even though it was the first time I went there I'm pretty sure our experience would have been different if I went there during dinner time. People were very nice but there were some issues with the food. I ordered a small BBQ shrimp. Instead of the head-on huge shrimp I was expecting I got four little overcooked shrimp (sans head) with hardly any sauce. This was the small size. The ribs were not glazed as in the pictures I've seen as it just looked like it came from the steamer and the slaw tasted like it was leftover from Saturday night. It looked limp and not as crisp as in other photos. The duck egg cheese broil was good but lukewarm. In fact, everything was lukewarm. It wasn't quite the experience that I had hoped for, especially based on the praise they've garnered. I'm sure their food is good but it seems that there's a big difference with the Sun brunch cooks. 90% of the orders that were coming out were for burgers. I think that is probably a safer bet if you're there for brunch.

          1. Kris Wessel has left the building...


            "The chef, who was born in Miami but spent much of his childhood in New Orleans, has formed Consume Restaurant Group and is looking to open dining concepts in both cities."