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Mar 9, 2013 12:54 PM

Irish Growlers

Need to get several growlers of good beer to have for our annual St Pat's dinner. Any suggestions on where to go and what to ask for? I will gladly go to more than one place. Cheers.

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  1. Call Total Wine to find out if they have any Irish beer on tap. I'd be really surprised if they didn't have at least a couple to celebrate the day. Erin go Bragh!!!

    1. The Beer Junction in W. Seattle rotates their drafts and publishes their inventory on their site. They're always pretty helpful & make recommendations.

      What's on the menu?!

      1. I had one of the best beers I have EVER tasted last weekend at Wine World when I was there participating in their Chili cook-ff for charity.

        Reuben's Brews Roasted Rye IPA. It had a little hint of chocolate, a nice roasty taste without being overly bitter. It went down delightfully and was a terrific food-friendly beer.

        Info on hours and location at

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          India Pale Ale is a distinctly English variant (developed during the colonial period in India where the higher hop content helped keep the flavor intact in the colony's higher temperatures).

          I would suggest that the OP stay with the crown jewel of Irish brewing, Guinness Stout. While it may not be easy to locate in a "growler," the tall cans (with the nitrogen emitting bead inside) do a decent job of emulating a proper draught. Let it warm to a "cellar" temperature before serving.

          A phone call to Murphy's Pub in Wallingford during slow hours (like mid-afternoon) might be a good way to get the best alternative ideas and advice.

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            I understand that the beer I suggested is not Irish - but the OP said 'good beers' and the one I suggested is VERY good, and comes in growlers - I wasn't trying to suggest it is Irish:)

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              I didn't mean to imply that you were suggesting IPA is Irish, gingershelley.

              I was just expressing my own thought that some might find it a little odd to celebrate an Irish holiday with a decidedly English ale.

        2. Friday night we'll be out sampling and getting our growlers. Without a doubt it will be my hubby's favorite task of the weekend! Thank you for the suggestions we will take them on. A St Pat's gathering has become an annual event at our house with returning guests and first timers. I'm always amazed how many people have never had corned beef. Menu will be corned beef from Market House , beer, potatoes, beer, cabbage and beer. Will also have Irish Mojitos for those who don't want beer or the option of a non-alcoholic version. Haven't decided on a desert yet, usually do a plum cobbler. Any suggestions? We should have about 25 people.

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            Chocolate-Whiskey Cake with Fluthered Cream:


            And your St. Pat's would be incomplete with some loaves of Irish soda bread (so easy to make) to help absorb all the brew:


            Have a happy St. Patrick's Day (and a nice scouting expedition on Friday)!

          2. if you are looking for local beer you could hit these spots pretty easily in ballard/fremont - i think fremont is the best of the list but there are good beers to be had at the others ( not been to populuxe yet)

            and nobel fir does growlers of most of their drafts and they probably have best selection in Ballard

            West of 15th:
            Ballard Urban Family Public House (2012) -- 5329 Ballard Ave. NW
            Hilliard's (2011) -- 1550 NW 49th St. (between 15th and 17th Ave.)
            NW Peaks (2010) -- 4912 17th Ave NW (17th Ave. @ 49th St.)
            Peddler Brewing (2013) -- 5914 Leary Way NW (Leary on the West side of the Ballard Bridge)

            East of 15th:
            Maritime Pacific (1990) -- 1111 NW Ballard Way (between 11th and 14th Ave)
            Reuben's Brews (2012) -- 1406 NW 53rd St. (between 14th and 15th Ave behind Bardahl)
            Populuxe (2013) -- 826B NW 49th St. (between 8th and 9th Ave.)
            Hales (1995) -- 4301 Leary Way (Leary @43rd St.)
            Fremont - 3409 Woodland Park Avenue

            list taken from myballard -

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              Glad you were able to use that ... I put that up on the My Ballard forum. ;-)

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                +1 again for the Reuben's Brews! Best new local beer I have tried in a couple of years!