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Mar 9, 2013 11:39 AM

Bellingham: Mi Casa Mexican Food Cash Mob

They need our support to keep the doors open. This place is the real deal and is serving excellent food. They might need to close in April, so if you are going out to dinner maybe consider Mi Casa. There will be a cash mob on March 23, with live music and they'll be open late until 11pm. Let's help them out. Too many restaurants are closing in Bham!

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  1. Reminder: Cashmob is Saturday, March 23!

    1. Oh no! I really like the food there. They always seem so busy ?

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        They reported that they lost between 30% to 40% of their business when Sehome Theaters closed. About a month ago they announced on their web page that they were planning to close in April, but with the publicity, customer support, and tonight's Cash Mob they might be able to pull through. They are also adding live music, brewer's nights and other ideas to increase business. I hope they make it!! Spread the word however you can so people will show up for Saturday's Cash Mob.

      2. Thanks to all who helped keep this place open. We stopped by on our way home to Vancouver BC on Monday and had a very fine meal. My chiles rellenos were perfectly prepared. The agua de pina was delicious. We finished the entire container of the salsa verde. Rice and beans were on point. Tacos were a tad "wet" for my taste but others were very satisfied. Flan was transcendent, with that almost chewy texture I've only had in flan hecho por manos mexicanas. Portion sizes were spot on, not massive but not too small.

        Here's a few pix:

        pineapple agua, chile relleno, fish tacos, carnitas and chicken tacos, that green salsa