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Mar 9, 2013 11:37 AM

How would you adapt this recipe so it doesn't have raw egg?

Lazy me would leave the egg out, and just not expect a nicely emulsified dressing. Any other suggestions?

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  1. if you dip the egg in boiling water for 1 min it makes it safe and it works the same as a raw egg. It's hard to imitate the silky creaminess that raw egg brings. Tahini can help if you really don't want egg.

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    1. re: MissBubbles

      This method is not reliable:

      "Can shell eggs be pasteurized?
      Shell eggs can be pasteurized by a processor if FDA accepted the process for the destruction of Salmonella. Pasteurized shell eggs are now available at some grocery stores. Like all eggs, they must be kept refrigerated to retain quality. The equipment to pasteurize shell eggs isn't available for home use, and it is very difficult to pasteurize shell eggs at home without cooking the contents of the egg."

      1. Replace with mayonnaise, start w/ about 1T mayo per yolk.

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          Wait, you do realize mayo contains ... egg yolk, right?

          The linked recipe is essentially a spicy mayo.

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              Yah, but isn't commercial mayo pasturized? I have a compromised immune system at the moment, so I am taking precautions.

              1. re: relizabeth

                You have 3 options essentially to sub out the raw yolk.

                1. Tahini (which was suggested)
                2. Plain or vanilla yogurt (regular not Greek)
                3. Olive oil with some corn starch mixed in.

                To me, it's weird to use mayo to make mayo.

            1. plenty of egg-free recipes on the interwebs for this.

              just make a mash-up version.