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Mar 9, 2013 11:35 AM

Key Lime Pie Delivery IN Key West

Hi Everyone,

I was hoping some Key West folks could point me in the right direction. My parents will be in Key West for the first time next week. They are staying at the Westin. The day they check in is my Dad's birthday and I would love to surprise them with a key lime pie to welcome them to their vacation.

The problem is I have yet to find a pie company in Key West that was willing to deliver the pie to the hotel. They all do shipping to places all over the country, but they can't deliver it up the street to the Westin. I've checked with Kermit's Key Lime Pie and Key West Key Lime Company.

Any other ideas? My back up plan is to have some delivery service pick it up at the bakery and then deliver it but that is likely an extra larger fee.

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  1. we have had pie from KW Key lime Co. It was very good. Maybe try the hotel concierge for further ideas.Good luck.

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      Good idea with the concierge.

    2. I would just contact the Westin -- it's quite likely the concierge could just send someone to go pick one up...that's what the concierge is there for. (It won't be free, but sounds like you're okay with that anyway)