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I dunno about you, but I don't like crustless sandwiches

Those dainty, fey tea sandwiches aside, I do not understand why people would de-crust bread when making a sandwich.

It's not so much that I like the taste of the crust, it's just that I think a sandwich tastes better with the crust -- and it just looks better, more "normal" if you will.

Who else is with me?

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  1. I'm with you. Even as a kid I ate my crust.

    1. In Japan there are packaged prepared sandwiches (on white bread) called Lunch Pack and they are all trimmed to remove the crust. Yukk.

      1. Never an issue one way or the other. My grandmother used to like to cut the crusts off sandwiches and cut them into four triangles, which I thought was nice.

        My father would not cut the crusts off, and cut the sandwich horizontally in two, and I thought that was equally nice.

        I'm much more concerned with what's inside the sandwich than what surrounds it (or doesn't, as the case may be). I can't think of the last time I had a sandwich with the crusts cut off, except for tea.

        1. It really, really depends. If you had asked me this as a kid, I'd have told you that the sandwiches HAD to be crustless, since the ones served to me at friends' houses were on the soft, Wonder-type bread. It never failed to amaze me and gross me out how the crust would like, detach in one looooong disgusting strip. I would gag every last time. OTOH, if was good bread? I was in heaven, and so it remains to this day.
          Oh, unless I'm going all infantile and eating pb&j on Wonder-type bread, which I now can do with impunity and it happens about once a year. I like it when the jelly sort of seeps through, and the crust is totally necessary for texture and as a retaining wall. :)

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            With Wonder bread when I was a kid (or other generic flavorless white bread) - no crust is better. Especially if the bread is a little stale (which happened in our home), the crust starts to resemble stale-flavored thin cardboard. That said, we didn't get to throw out the crusts because it would be wasting food.

            For good bread, like the Pepperidge Farm brand or the stuff we get now that I'm choosing, sandwiches with crust is definitely better.

            I like your retaining wall analogy. That's so true. :-)

          2. Tea sandwich no crust
            Crusty bread must have crust. Sometimes if sandwich filling doesn't not reach the end I will avoid but in the whole I prefer a samdwich with crust.

            1. Crust girl, count me in! I usually save it for last in fact. I also can't figure out what it is that kids don't like about it.

              1. I love love love crust on a sandwich! And just like people that don't eat pizza crust, what is wrong with you??

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                  This is when I start to make no sense - love crust on bread, rarely eat crust on pizza.

                2. The crust was always my favorite part of bread..._any_bread. When I was growing up, we'd even battle over the end pieces of loaf of Wonderbread (truth is, those end pieces were the only part of Wonderbread I ever actually liked).

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                    Wonderbread toast with the end piece was the best part of the whole loaf!! Loved the toast with any Wonderbread but the crust of Wonderbread, yum yum yum!

                  2. Who removes the crust for you? Besides your mom and the tea house ladies?

                    1. As a kid, my mother never ever spread or covered the entire sandwich to the edge, so the crust (and it was always white Sunbeam bread) was just dry blech. Who needs that? yet we were always admonished to eat the crust, so it was a kind of punishment to me. I often ate the dry crust first (probably washing it down with milk) so I could enjoy the sandwich.

                      Over the years I learned to a)butter the dry crusts (only it wasn't butter of course, it was margarine) b) re-make the sandwich so that the crusts were more than dry bread.

                      now that I think about it, I think my mother liked dry bread as I remember her eating it and getting the hiccups more than once.

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                        Yes, the toppings and condiments need to go to the edge, or the sandwich gets too dry!

                        Also I think it depends on the bread whether I want to eat the crusts or not. I've had some sandwiches on artisan bread that had crusts you could chip a tooth on.

                        Mom always said that you had to eat your crusts to be able to whistle.

                      2. I'd never make a crustless sandwich, but depending on the bread, I don't always like the bottom crust. So sometimes I just don't eat the bottom crust, or more likely, bottom corners. But I love the top crust, especially that spot in the middle of the top where the crust split during baking. I don't know why, but that's my favorite part of the bread!

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                          That's awesome.

                          It tickles me to death that you can differentiate between top and bottom crusts, and that you actually have an absolute preference for one over the other.