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Mar 9, 2013 09:55 AM

Good Restaurant in Berkley Ca?

I am treating two very close (almost like sisters) friends to a spa day at the Claremont Hotel in Berkley. Would like to find a nice restaurant for an early dinner in the area. Their Dad just passed away and I want to make it a nice day for them.

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  1. Wood Tavern might be good for an early dinner in that area.

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        Depending on the type of "day" and chat you want to have, Wood Tavern, delicious as it may be, might not be the best place to carry on conversation at normal voice level. Oliveto is a lovely setting - I haven't been in awhile and haven't heard about what is coming out of the kitchen lately. But it sounds like the perfect setting for a spa day. Cafe Rouge also seems in the "theme" for the day, but is on the far other end of town.

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          Loved the Meritage but you would guess it they are closed on Monday. Am about to call Paragon.

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            Could you say what you liked about the Meritage? There are very few reports here.

        2. A Cote, Cafe Rouge, Plum, Wood Tavern

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            Hard to recommend without knowing what they would like

            Comment about "closed on mondey" - OP doesn't mention monday?

            Cesar Shattuck (open all afternoon, great to sit by the front windows and talk, casual but great food)
            Pican (5pm, very loungy, big room)
            Oliveto - cafe all day, restaurant at 5:30, can have a glass of wine downstairs - very refined

          2. Wood Tavern,Plum,A Cote and Olivetos are in Oakland not "Berkley"

            But the real question is what town is the Claremont Hotel located in?

            Wikipedia and old postcards say Oakland.

            "The Claremont Hotel Club & Spa is a historic hotel at the foot of Claremont Canyon in the Oakland Hills, providing the resort with scenic views of San Francisco Bay. The hotel building is entirely in Oakland, bordering Berkeley. Wikipedia"

            I also heard they pay their taxes to Oakland.

            I think about the only part of the hotel actually in Berkeley is the entrance on Tunnel Road and perhaps the lower parking lot?

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              Not really the poster stated in the text "Would like to find a nice restaurant for an early dinner in the area." which is the real point not what town the Claremont is located in.

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                Oliveto is about three minutes away from Claremont and would have been my choice. One of my favorite restaurants in Oakland / Berkeley.

              2. Thank you everyone. We are going to the Paragon in the Claremont. Meritage isn't open on Mondays. It is casual, views are great and the food looks pretty good.