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Mar 9, 2013 09:11 AM

Prosciutto Americano - Cordon Bleu

I am on a mission to elevate our usual Saturday night Cordon Bleu which usually includes black forest ham, Muenster and Provolone. I picked up some prosciutto Americano this morning with the thought to use it in place of the ham. It's quite thin and nearly impossible to separate the slices even though they have half slices of butcher paper between. For some reason, I don't remember prosciutto being so thin and I worry it won't add much flavor with such a thin slice. Do you think it would still work? Any tips for separating slices?

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  1. I find if it is very cold it is easier to separate. Note, easier, not easy, LOL. Next time ask the butcher to not layer the slices. My butcher will happily do that for me and I find that works best when I need/want full slices. However for what you are making its doesn't really matter if they tear.

    In terms of your cordon blue I would use more than one slice, probably two or three. While flavorful I think I would like it to have the same presence of ham in the dish.

    1. It'll be OK, I'd add 2 slices per cutlet. Also, consider Fontina cheese.

      1. peel the slices of paper up gently; the ham will come with them

        Dry-cured hams like prosciutto are supposed to be paper-thin -- they add an enormous amount of flavor (and salt...) -- no more than two slices of prosciutto per chicken breast.

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          Nothing worse than a too thick slice of prosciutto.