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Mar 9, 2013 06:41 AM

HELP - Dining at JUNGSIK tonight

My husband and I are celebrating our anniversary at JUNGSIK tonight. It is our first visit - trying to decide between the tasting menu or choosing (how many??) smaller dishes to share off the choice menu. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. We have healthy (but not huge) appettites and are adventurous eaters. Cost not an issue as its a special occasion. Thanks!

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  1. When l went a year ago l loved it more after reflection than on first taste.
    The two of went for the a la carte as l am very specific on what l like, so a set menu is rarely my choice.
    We got three large plates each and switched them midway. lt was not too much food for us, and as we do not eat dessert worked perfectly.
    l remember fondly the wagyu short ribs, the octopus, and the pork belly.
    The wine list is excellent, many odd bottles at less than usual NY markups. The sommelier knows his stuff and is glad to help.

    1. My partner and I are fairly hearty eaters. I had 2 large and one small plate, and he had 1 large and 2 small. We shared one dessert. With canapes, amuse and mignardises, it was quite a bit of food. Be aware though, that the dishes are not uniform in size. Large octopus was less food than small pork jowl, for instance.

      Be sure to ask the sommelier for advice on wine. He is very helpful and knowledgeable.

      1. Since cost is not an issue, and given that you both are adventurous eaters and have healthy appetites, I would recommend the tasting menu, unequivocally. The size of the dishes in the tasting menu is scaled very well, so you will leave feeling satisfied, not stuffed. The bossam in particular is a delight.

          1. I loved the Tasting Menu!