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Mar 9, 2013 06:23 AM

Hosting guests when you're sick- do you do it?

Suppose you have invited guests to your home for a meal you are preparing, and the day before, you feel sick. Not going to specify symptoms, but assume it's because of some communicable disease.

Would you cancel? Carry on with lots of hand washing? Politely warn guests in advance so they can opt out?

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    1. Reschedule. Explain why and I'm sure your guests will be glad!

      1. If I am sick but overall feel fine/up for company? Call and let my guests decide. Many communicable diseases are communicable before the symptoms even show up. Others you don't want to mess with at all. Plus if they are not really close friends I might not know if they or anyone in their family have compromised immune systems.

        If I am sick and feel sick/miserable? Cancel and reschedule.

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          I'd be pissed if I showed up to someone's house who is sick and didn't know in advance.

          1. re: Scoutmaster

            Absolutely this. For a time, I was immuno-compromised, and I would be quite unhappy if the host didn't tell me that he was ill while preparing my food. Definitely reschedule.

          1. Cancel it. Aside from being exposed to germs, I'd think it would be uncomfortable for the guests to feel like the host is going to crawl into bed, just as soon as the guests leave.