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Mar 9, 2013 05:45 AM

JK Wine Bar (Church St) - Anything like it?

So, Mr. Vuitton and I were chatting about this place the other day. We loved it in its prime. Food was great, atmosphere was great. It was a frequent stop for us on Friday nights. It was also incredibly convenient as we both work downtown. Origin is "sort of" like it - small sharing plates (though the food was definitely better at JKWB) and good atmosphere (but not as laid back as JK)

Is there any place sort of like it?. Brain stump? Or just non existent? We didn;t come up with much - maybe we are getting old...



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  1. Gilead does a wine bar periodically.

    on the left you will see some info about it. Not quite the same, but might fit the bill a little bit.

    1. Agree that was a wonderful spot in its prime.
      I have substituted with Mavrik (much smaller but laid back) and sometimes the bar area at Crush.

      1. Cava? Great wine selection, small plates. Different atmosphere than JKWB but great food.

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        1. Is 'Wine Bar' (the replacement) bad?

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            No actually, it's not quite up to the level that JKWB was at it's peak but it's not bad. We still go for pre-theatre before Sony/St. Lawrence center stuff.

            1. re: bytepusher

              I tried Wine Bar after the changeover and was not impressed, but I don't know if I was just comparing it unfairly/too much to JKWB. In fairness, it has now been years so it may be time for a re-try.