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Mar 9, 2013 03:22 AM

made some reservations for our trip

Going to be in Vegas from 3/23 to 3/30. Based on reading through this board for the past couple of months, I've made a brunch reservation at Border Grill, lunch reservations at Honey Salt and E. Milos, and dinner reservations at Delmonicos, GR Pub and Grill, and Carnevino.

Does anyone have any other suggestions to consider? We aren't really into Asian food nor are we looking for super high-end meals. We do really like Italian food but I am having difficulty getting myself to make a reservation at Conant's restaurant.

Thank you for any advice or input!

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  1. Unless you have a car you may want to reconsider Honey Salt. The can ride from the Strip will be about $40-$50 each way before the tip.

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    1. So far we've had brunch at Border Grill, breakfast and lunch at Hash House A Go Go, lunch at Honey Salt, and dinners at Delmonico and Casa di Amore.

      Border grill brunch was great! $29.99 all you can eat (2 of us did 6 small plates while the other did 7) and an additional $5 for bottomless mimosas. We sat outside in the sunshine, listened to Bob Marley, and had a lovely time. In fact, we made reservations to do it again on Saturday before we fly out. We are also going there tonight to try their dinner menu.

      Both breakfast and lunch at Hash House A Go Go were good meals, but the service at the Plaza location is abysmal. The menu has some really fun dishes on it and we would have considered returning to try their dinners if our servers hadn't been so inattentive during the first 2 visits. There are other locations in Vegas and maybe they are better, but we won't be trying them. As far as what we tried goes, we had the burger stuffed with cheddar/bacon/avocado and the meatloaf sandwich for lunch and the chorizo/jalapeno hash, the roasted chicken, and the fried chicken farm benedict for breakfast. The food was great---absolutely no complaints on that front.

      Lunch at Honey Salt today was wonderful! We ordered the ahi tuna tartare as an appetizer, the truffled fondue grilled cheese, and the prime rib sandwich special. We enjoyed everything and the red and white sangrias that we had as well. My friend ordered the chocolate layer cake for dessert and didn't really like it, but that was the only minor issue of the visit. I wish we had a place like this at the Jersey Shore.

      Dinner at Delmonico was the fanciest and most expensive meal I've ever had. We were a bit nervous about wearing polo shirts and khakis but quickly saw people dining there in t-shirts and sweatshirts so we relaxed a bit. We had the truffle-parmesan potato chips as an appetizer (yum) and the BBQ salmon, bone-in ribeye, a beef medallion with mushroom crust special, creamed spinach, and the bacon-cheese grits. The food was very good though my husband said that my creamed spinach is better which I thought was kinda cool. The only "off" part of the evening was when the bill came. The bill they showed us was for one amount but then they brought us the credit receipt to sign with an amount that was almost $20 more. We flagged someone down to ask about it but neither he nor the manager had any good reason for what had happened. Maybe they just figured we wouldn't notice? It obviously wasn't like they were including the tip or anything because that wasn't even 10% of the bill, let alone the 18 or 20% expected. It could have totally been a random mistake, but neither the waiter nor manager seemed at all concerned about the situation or what our feelings about the matter were. It just kind of left us with a bit of a bad vibe which is a shame because, as I said, it was the fanciest dinner we had ever had and we really did enjoy the food.

      Casa di Amore was not planned. I booked GR Pub and Grill but then changed that reservation to Charlie Palmer Steak with the plan to get the Cut of the Week prix fixe... until they updated the menu on Monday morning and I saw that the main course was lamb which none of us would eat. I told my husband that it was his job to figure out what to do for dinner and he picked Casa di Amore which is nowhere near the strip but we have a rental car. This place bills itself as "Vegas as it used to be". It is a totally cheesy red sauce Italian-American joint and we loved it. The food wasn't anything special but nor was it bad. It was on a par with what I could make at home which is really all I expect at a place like that. My husband LOVED his osso buco, I enjoyed my veal francaise, and my friend enjoyed her frutti de mare. They had live music--one guy playing the keyboard and another playing the saxophone. It was the perfect touch for the whole cheese factor. We would definitely return if we ever come back to Las Vegas.

      The low point of our trip so far was dinner at Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill. We were wandering around the strip on our first night with no dinner plans and couldn't find anything that interested us, so we hit it up on our way back to the shuttle. I had heard nothing but bad things about it and, well, they were all true. The food was mediocre, the drinks were absurdly expensive, and the waitresses were serving people in their underwear. It is fine, though, because it has just served to make me look like a restaurant genius thanks to all of my reading here on the Las Vegas board of Chowhound.

      Still on deck for this trip are tonight's dinner at Border Grill, the $20 lunch at E. Milo's, dinner at the Prime Rib Loft, dinner at Carnevino (which will supplant Delmonico as our most expensive dinner ever), and another brunch at Border Grill.

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        I love the Border Grill brunch! The small plate concept for brunch is a great value and I thought it was fun to be able to check out the menu like that.

        Another place for "fun" food is Holsteins at the Cosmo. Good place for unique burgers and a boozy milkshake! We ate there late night and got great service.

      2. I have reservations for brunch at Border Grill for this Saturday and it is nice to know you enjoyed it so much. I am not sure we will be able to match your 6 shared plates, thinking 4 plus some fruit would be have me loosening my belt. The $5 bottomless mimosas sounds like a must do. Thanks for the report.

        BTW - Border Grill offers discounted gift certificates from Through 3/28 use promo code Bunny for 50% off.