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Mar 9, 2013 02:53 AM

Comerica Park - Eat there or before we go [Detroit]

Going to a game in June with a larger group. What's the food like in the park? Should we grab a quick bite somewhere ahead of time first? Any recs for good food with atmosphere; casual please?

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  1. eat outside the park. the food at comerica park is unbelievably basic - dogs, suasages, little caesar's pizza, etc around the stadium. the food court behind home plate has chicken finders, tacos/burritos, etc. absolutely no great shakes. unlike parks around the counrty that offer decent bbq (kc, baltimore, milwaukee) sushi ((?) l.a.), tex mex (arizona, houston, rangers).

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      With xman on this.

      Comerica Park foods are the worst food service offerings imaginable. And far over-priced.

    2. Too bad! Any recommendations in the area that are casual. We'll have a car so driving for 15 mins is not a big deal.

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        If you like chicken shwarma sandwiches, there's a little basically-takeout-only place two blocks from Comerica Park called Bucharest Grill which makes very awesome, very inexpensive chicken shwarma sandwiches (they're quite big, and the ingredients are very fresh). Someone has said that this is more of a Romanian than Middle Eastern shwarma, and I'll defer to their judgment, since I'm no expert on such quibblings...all I know is that it's delicious. Less than $5 per sandwich, tax included (but do leave a buck or two for the hard-working folks there...they're one of the *very few* places I'll actually utilize the tip jar).

        The *best* part is that, yes: Comerica Park will allow you to enter the stadium with these sandwiches without any issue, so you can literally call ahead while you're trying to find a place to park, pick up the sandwich(es) on the walk to the park, go in, find your seats, sit down, and enjoy! Yes, you will have to pay the park prices for beverages (no beverages aside from sealed bottled water may be taken into the park) if you want something other than water, but the sandwich is filling, delicious, and convenient.

        That's my suggestion. Oh, and while I *love* the guy as a hockey player and local celebrity/good guy all around, I must tell you as a Chowhound that Cheli's Chili Bar, at least in terms of food, is basically a total loss. I'm told that it's a great place to grab a drink, and it very well may be (that's not exactly my scene), but every time I've eaten their food, it's been disappointing...the kind of food that's edible, but at best, it's GFS or Sysco crap. And yes: that applies to the chili, too.

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          Last time I went to Comerica in September I stopped at Slows To Go and ate along their slim stool/counter area...not a real sit down place. The food was not as good as the parent Slows but it was fifty times better than Comerica. I will do the same, one of the next times for sure. Last time my wife went to Comerica she went to Green Dot Stables and loved it. It is within your fifteen minute criteria, but not a place people think of as a "Comerica locale" joint. By the way, besides the rightfully busy Bucharest Grill, a few minutes away by car is Byblos, which serves up tasty middle eastern food to smaller crowds of wayne state folks. Yum.
          PS-- looks like Sir Boagman and I are simultaneously posting, and yes, +1, Cheli's s*cks.

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            Second on Green Dot Stables. Parking, cheap innovative sliders, cheap drinks. Bucharest Grill is in a bar; the shwarma is very good but *extremely* garlicky. For a fun sports bar steps from the stadium, the Elwood ( isn't bad. Greektown (Monroe between Brush and St. Antoine) has not only Greek restaurants but the decent Pizza Papalis. Could park there and take the People Mover to Grand Circus Park, 1 1/2 blocks from stadium (you'll see others doing that). To spend a bit more, still casual, try Angelina on Grand Circus Park for Italian.

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              --Good call on Green Dot Stables. It's actually not far from the original Slows (1 mile, maybe?), but Slows (the original location, anyway) will be *mobbed*. Not a good plan, but yes: extremely good food, and hit-or-miss service at Slows. Green Dot Stables, however, has impressed me every single time I've gone there.

              --Tell me more...about Byblos. I think this is the first I'm hearing of it.

              --I want *so badly* to like Cheli's, because Chris Chelios? He's the stinking *MAN*. He's one of my favorite guys in sports, and I really would like to be able to recommend his restaurant. The food, however, is just lousy, and it actually *bothers me* to say that. I can't be starry-eyed when it comes to lousy food, though. Lousy is lousy, no matter how much you like the proprietor.

              --Where exactly, in reference to Comerica Park, is Slows-To-Go? Is it walking distance? I'm curious now, especially knowing that there's a small place to sit and eat a la Royal Oak's Falaffel King.

              One more suggestion, possibly, for the OP: Carnival Market is open until 6PM in the Penobscot Building, if I recall correctly, and they have very good and affordable Mexican food. This is something else that a person could get to go and take it into the stadium with them.

              1. re: boagman

                Haven't been to Slows To Go??? It is on the southern edge of WSU, and has parking. For that matter, Byblos is in central campus. Byblos cooks in the morning and then delivers weekly to my office in steam trays and I eat it hours later. It is very solid, but I can't say great, in absolute terms. Still, given that their old warmed over general food's quality is so good (just the popular run of the mill dishes), I figure their on-site made to order dishes potentially could be REALLY yummy. As you know WSU is a bit of a hike on foot from Comerica, and it would be a little (not extremely) risky unless you were going to a day game and had several friends with you who were ready and armed (with knives or some weighty objects, if not a gun) to rumble if need be.

                1. re: VTB

                  Midtown is about the safest place in Detroit-- it has 2 police forces. WSU Public Safety heavily patrols around both Byblos and Slows-to-Go. Published crimes stats are available somewhere.

                  Byblos supposedly has a couple parking spaces in the lot of the apartment building whose ground floor they occupy, but lately it's been about impossible to get in/out of them since the apartments are under (re)construction. I've found that Byblos has a problem with consistency-- a dish will br great one time, and only mediocre when I order it again a couple weeks later.

              2. re: VTB

                I love Green Dot Stables, but be aware that their reputation has grown to the point that people are experiencing 45 minute waits to get seated in the evening-- like 6:30 pm evening. So far daytimes, from opening till about 5:30pm, are still quick and easy.

                1. re: ak994

                  Wow...I was not aware of that. I really like the place, but that's a pretty ridiculous/approaching-Slows wait time, there. I really like it...but it ain't worth that kind of time.

            2. Comerica does have the worst hot dogs...they're GRAY. I suggest finding a Buddy's Pizza (several locations in and around "The D").

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                Hmm. I've never had any that were gray in color. I fully admit that they don't really impress me, and that I usually will bypass the standard dogs at the CoPa and go for a Hebrew National with the grilled onions and mustard. I certainly find that to be a better dog, but you also pay a goodly bit more for the quality, too.

                When my buddy has free food coupons, though, the standard (non-gray, obviously) hot dog is fine by me! If they tried to serve me a gray-colored hot dog, my first response, before I even left the counter, would be, "Yeah...try again. Let's have one that looks like it can be consumed by the human body without dire consequences." Gray...ick. That sounds *horrible*.

                1. re: mollyschmolly

                  Comerica doesn't have "the worst hot dogs". Progressive Field in Cleveland does! Sugarland Brand. Absolutely awful.

                  OTH, Citi Field, home of the NY Mets serves the best. They sell Nathan's, and have a garnish bar that puts all others to shame.

                2. Thanks for the tips; I'll take more as we're not going for a few months. I was spoiled by the fresh zeppole and Lobel's prime rib sandwich when we went to see the Yankees. Hefty price tag,but at least it was delectable.