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Mar 8, 2013 11:13 PM

Restaurant with ambience recommendation in Champagne region


We are going to be in the Champagne region for 4 days and obviously we love good food and champagne of course. We have already booked at the Selosse restaurant and after recommendations for other restaurants with ambience particularly for lunch. Do any other champagne houses have restaurants as part of their domain?

Outdoor dining is great at lunch if the weather is right so at least dining on a verandah or balcony would be great.

We have a car so doesn't matter where it is in the region.


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  1. Two of the finest restaurants in France (imho) are in Reims: Assiette Champenoise has 2 Michelin *'s and probably should have 3. Everything about the place is top notch. You really should not miss either lunch or dinner there.

    The other restaurant is Les Crayeres. It's legendary and the menu is more traditional than Assiette, but it is a beautiful and serene spot with delicious food.

    1. As always, I strongly agree with June about Assiette Champenoise. IMO it is one of the best restaurants in France and deserves a third star. Simply wonderful. I have not been to Les Crayeres, but if I were spending a few days in Reims I would certainly try it.

      1. I'm not aware of which houses have restaurants, but I stornly suggest you take the Pommery tour. It was recommended to me by a friend who used to live in Reims, and it was truly fascinating. The history of the house really needs to be experienced! As well, they usually have an art exhibit in their caves, and often musical entertainment.