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Mar 8, 2013 10:59 PM

There's no reason why a place this good should be this empty on a Friday night

I've written before about Lawrence of India's fantastic Goan food.

We went by tonigh to find the place empty (at 7 on Friday night). They were open, but there was a "For Rent, available Now" sign in the window. Please visit, the food is fantastic and cheap and cooked by a man who is in love with cooking, and they need your business, and I will seriously cry if he closes.

Tonight we ate the vinegary, pickled sorpotet stew; the Goan chorizo-like sausage; and stuffed eggplant. All were wonderful. Again, I recommend skipping most of the regular menu and just ordering off the "Chefs Specials" menu.

Total for 3 people, including dal soup, rice, naan, and a chana samosa, before tip, $34.

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  1. when i click on the link to their website, i get a message saying that the website has been configured incorrectly.

    can't be helping.

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    1. re: westsidegal

      Menupages has their menu if you want to look at it online. Here's a nice review with photos from the LA Weekly about their Goan food:

    2. Perhaps it is just because I tend to dine late but I can't recall ever having been there with more than two other tables of guests and sometimes mine is the only table occupied. His food is good and it is a shame he is not busier.

      1. Went there once maybe 6-12 mo ago. Can't recall what I had ordered, but I don't recall being particularly bowled over by the food. However, I agree that it shouldn't be empty. Perhaps it's time to try it again....

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        1. re: ilysla

          I'm sure your experience will depend on what you order. Try the chana samosa, sorpotel, chicken xacuti, or Goa-style fish curry.