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Mar 8, 2013 09:24 PM

Anyone been to Cave B restaurant Tendrils in Quincy, WA?

My husband and I have a rare kid-free weekend first weekend of May. We're looking for a sunny locale within 3-hour drive of Seattle. Many suggested Cave B winery and inn (with "luxury" yurts too.) They have an on-site restaurant, Tendrils. Anyone been? Worth it for dinner, lunch, brunch--any meal at all? Good value? Better places to dine in the area? We are adventurous eaters and like dives equally, if not better than, fine dining. Please advise.

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  1. I have never stayed at Cave B because I live in the area. I have eaten at Tendrils a couple of times and have always been pleased. There is not anything else in area. A 30 minute drive to Wenatchee will find you a variety of eateries, even more if you drive another 30 minutes to Leavenworth. I think most of the folks who stay at Cave B eat all meals at Tendrils.

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      I stayed at Cave B and ate at the restaurant for both dinner and breakfast. Food was excellent and service wonderful. And of course, great wine to go with it! I can', remember what we had, because it was several years ago. I do know many of the musicians that play at the Gorge stay and eat there.
      Another very good place a little closer is Bistro San Martin in Arlington. When my husband and I moved from Seattle to Arlington, we never expected to find a place comparable to the great restaurants in the city, but this one really is. Fresh, local ingredients, perfectly cooked by a talented, creative cook. We go there for our anniversary and birthdays every year.

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        We wound up eating at Tendrils while staying at Cave B. My over all impression is good food, but overpriced. For example, I got a diver scallop starter for $16--got two scallops. Husband did the set price meal, which was mostly quite good, but not something I'd pay $70 for again. I ordered a good warm beet salad. The squash soup was excellent.

        I also have to second Bistro San Martin. Opposite experience. GREAT value for quality/portion size. Truly great destination place; owners couldn't be nicer.

    2. if you like "dive" - maybe this would work - the mexican market in quincy -