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Mar 8, 2013 07:13 PM

Restaurant R'evolution--eating at the bar?

Hi all,

I'm heading to New Orleans next week, and have heard wonderful things about Restaurant R'evolution. It's not really in my budget to have a full sit down meal there, and my boyfriend would like to avoid wearing a jacket as much as possible. Because of this, the bar seems like a great way to sample the food & drinks without having to go too overboard price & dress-wise.

My question is, what is your experience eating at the bar? The bar menu looks great, and I'm sure it is. Is the bar as difficult to get a seat at as the dining room? Is it a bit more casual than the dining room?

Thank you!

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  1. I don't think it is difficult to get a seat at the bar or in the restaurant. I know the bar has some small plate specials at happy hour. Plenty of reservations on open table for this place...

    1. I ate lunch at the bar 2 days ago - gumbo, a retro spaghetti and fried oyster dish w a butter sauce, and a few glasses of wine. There was plenty of room, the bartender was lovely, and the food was great.

      1. Ate at the bar earlier this week. They have an abbreviated bar menu, and you can order from the main menu if you want. I say that to say, you can definitely go overboard at the bar. It's no cheaper than the main dining room. It is more casual than the main dining room. I can imagine it can be tough to get a seat in the bar on the weekend, but during the week, it's no problem.

        Fyi, two of us split a dozen oysters, the beef tartarre, beet salad, and the charcuterie plate for two. All delicious.

        Bartenders were zombies though. Mixed a good drink but no personality. My only complaint.

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          This was exactly the information I was looking for. Thank you! I'm going to go for eating at the bar. I'm sure it'll be worth the splurge.

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            it's a shame but RR lost all of their opening bar staff already. they were in dispute over tip-share from the dining room and went elsewhere. too bad because they were really passionate and great at service.

          2. While on the topic of RR, a friend and I were talking about them the other night and both wondered rhetorically: do Folse and Tramanto want/expect locals or, being in a FQ hotel, expect mostly tourists? I suspect the latter, and not really saying it's a conscious attitude. But there are no promotions, never see Tramanto anywhere getting his/RR's name out there, never any wine dinners that would bring in local foodies. I don't know...RR just escapes me at this point.

            1. Tourism has significantly lowered the dress standard in fine dining restaurants. I have dined at R'evolution numerous times and seen all manner of attire. Most men were not wearing jackets.

              While prices are the same whether you dine in the bar or restaurant, the experience definitely not. Do yourself a favor and make reservations for the dining room. You can make a tasting menu from several appetizers or split entrees. They will serve it in courses.

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                I was listening to Fitzmorris and a caller mentioned sitting at the food bar station. He said it was amazing and tons of fun talking to the chefs. Could be a good option.