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Eat the Street

Quince Mar 8, 2013 05:40 PM

I'm planning to go to Eat the Street for the first time tomorrow in Mililani. Does anyone have any food truck recommendations? I am not at all familiar with this scene.
Thank you!

  1. indelibledotink Mar 8, 2013 05:55 PM

    i don't know if they will be there, but camille's is really ono.

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    1. re: indelibledotink
      killersmile Mar 8, 2013 06:19 PM

      Doesn't look like Camille will be there.
      Here is the vendor list for Mililani:

      Aloha Pops
      Baja Style
      Beyond Burgers
      Cake Works
      Cooking Fresh For You
      Fairy Cakes
      Girls Who Bake
      Hawaiian Waffledog Co
      Hawaiis Fried Musubi
      Hula Shrimp
      Il Gelato
      Island Sandwich Creations
      Kettle Corn Hawaii
      Kiawe Pizza
      Liquid Pleasure
      Local Stop
      Na Ono Corn
      No Ka Oi Cookie Co
      Olay Thai
      Ono Pops
      Pomai Kulolo
      Pt. Suisse Crepes
      Shogunai Tacos
      Simply Ono
      SL2 Delectables
      Sweet Revenge
      Tin Hut BBQ
      Whyz Wagon
      Wow Wow Waffle
      Kona Ice
      Pop Pop Donuts
      Pauls Poppers
      Papa Dogs
      Xtreme Tacos

      I like Baja Style, Il Gelato, Ono Pops, Sweet Revenge but I haven't tried a lot of the others. The longest lines always seem to be at the Deep Fried Musubi truck and Xtreme Tacos for what it's worth. I would say go with what looks good. Most places have samples out so you can see the dishes. I think Kohnotori might be doing yakitori skewers which I would go for since I love their restaurant. Hope it's an enjoyable day!

      1. re: killersmile
        indelibledotink Mar 8, 2013 07:19 PM

        are the ono pops good? i have heard great things, but to me, they sound like strange flavors for popsicles.

        also paul's poppers sound great, but i am afraid i'll end up eating a whole bunch and sabotage my diet. (agnes' malasadas were exempt, as we were conducting an important experiment). we will try them eventually, they are in our neighborhood.

        1. re: indelibledotink
          killersmile Mar 9, 2013 01:06 AM

          I like ono pops. Some flavors work better than others, but i've enjoyed almost all I have tried.

          Paul's Poppers also seems to be popular. Wontons stuffed with different fillings. Again, Hawaii people love deep-fried stuff.

        2. re: killersmile
          indelibledotink Mar 8, 2013 07:21 PM

          is the fried musubi truck purple and blue with 'everything tastes better fried' on the front?

          1. re: indelibledotink
            killersmile Mar 9, 2013 01:03 AM

            yup that's the one. Hawaii people love deep-fried goodies it seems since there is always a line.

            1. re: killersmile
              indelibledotink Mar 9, 2013 01:11 AM

              i drive past it when it's parked across from the blaisdell in the car dealership lot with some other food trucks, but it's always closed. do you know their hours? and how good are the musubis? the strange anime style creatures on it make me dubious of the food.

              my sister had a fried musubi atop her wedding cake and cut a piece for her hubby instead of cake. they got it at some store, though, not the food truck.

              1. re: indelibledotink
                killersmile Mar 9, 2013 03:10 AM

                I think they only are open for events like eat the street and private parties according to their facebook page. No idea how good their musubis are.

        3. re: indelibledotink
          manomin Mar 8, 2013 09:31 PM

          Camille did a party for me in Feb. She has an entire calendar full of catering events upcoming and posted on FB that she will be off the streets due to her wonderful commitments for catering. She does however miss the streets!

        4. q
          Quince Mar 9, 2013 10:26 PM

          Thank you to everyone who replied. I tried Ono Pops and thought it was very good, with a really great selection of flavors. The Soul Patrol truck was there, and while the prices were a bit on the high side, the food was delicious. Kohnotori, unfortunately, was pretty middle of the road. We also had a mini Hawaiian plate from Laverne's that was really good, with some of the tastiest chicken long rice I've ever had.

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          1. re: Quince
            killersmile Mar 10, 2013 05:58 AM

            Thanks for the report.

            1. re: Quince
              indelibledotink Mar 11, 2013 03:27 AM

              what ono pops flavors did you have, and what did you get from soul patrol?

              1. re: indelibledotink
                Quince Mar 11, 2013 06:17 PM

                I had the crackseed lemon peel pop and a taste of the butter mochi pop, both were very tasty. I had the seafood jambalaya from Soul Patrol, and others in our party had the gumbo with the works (with cornbread and a piece of fried chicken) and the sparerib plate with collard greens. All of the dishes garnered rave reviews, with the fried chicken, even not freshly fried, ranking higher than the chicken that came with the fried musubi.

                1. re: Quince
                  killersmile Mar 11, 2013 07:17 PM

                  Glad to hear you enjoyed the interesting onopop flavors. My mom loves the ume thai basil and the mango habanero lime. My favorite is the kulolo though.
                  My favorite dish from Soul is the braised pork shank when they have it. The brisket sandwich is good too but they don't have it all the time either. The chicken, gumbo, and jambalaya are good as well. Luckily their store is downtown so I don't have to seek it out from the food truck.
                  Sorry to hear that Kohnotori wasn't that good.

                  1. re: killersmile
                    indelibledotink Mar 11, 2013 07:38 PM

                    all the popsicle flavors seem odd. how much do they cost?

                    1. re: indelibledotink
                      killersmile Mar 12, 2013 11:16 AM

                      they tend to do unusual flavors/combinations that you wouldn't find elsewhere. they also use all local products in their popsicles, some are water-based while others are dairy-based. popsicles are $3, specialty flavors are $3.50 (limited time offerings).

            2. indelibledotink Mar 15, 2013 03:51 AM

              has anyone had keawe pizza? on yelp i read that they are usually on kapahulu ave in the afternoons, where we often pass. $8 for a whole pizza, which consists of 4 slices. do they do eat the street in town?

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