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Mar 8, 2013 04:27 PM

KLP canned fruit made in China!

Nt the first time I've noticed it, but seriously? Why are so any canned KLP fruits produced in China? I make every effirt not to ourchase Food made in China, but I can't seem to find any for Pesach nit produced there. Warnings abound about the hazards of Chinese made pet food. So why feed Chinese made food products to people? Are there any KLP canned fruits NOT produced in China?

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  1. Rabbi Eidlitz said that all frozen fruit with no additives can be used for Pesach. Also, I sometimes made stewed dried fruit, but of course that's not as fast as opening a can. I am also wary of the Chinese products since there have been so many issues.

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      Sometimes I just crave canned peaches. Especially on Pesach with cottage cheese. It makes a quick lunch and hits the spot on a warm CA day. But frozen will do the trick. Still, I do miss the cans sometimes. I can't believer how many food products are made in Chiba these days!

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        Last year I purchased Galil jam for Pesach and notice it was from China. I was not satisfied with the jam and was surprised that kosher products were coming from China.

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          I also bought Galil once. Only once, not for Pesach but the quality/flavor was extremely disappointing

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            A large segment of manufactured foods on the US market are made in China, and thus an increasing number are kosher certified. There's a whole chapter in "Kosher Nation: Why More and More of America's Food Answers to a Higher Authority" by Sue Fishkoff about about this.

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              I once met someone from Williamsburg who was in Singapore to certify a factory for a kosher run they were doing for an Israeli company(I forget which company).

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                The most interesting book I've read in a long time

          2. The cans of non-KLP loquats, mandarins, etc., that I have all list sugar rather than corn syrup as the sweetener, so they would not need to change their recipes for a Pesach run. They would have to clean the line, given the temperatures involved.

            1. I have a cousin in Israel who is a large importer (to Israel) of industrial food products. China is his largest vendor, and there are many seriously frum mashgiachs who frequently travel to China to do their inspections.
              So, even many of the products made in Israel (Osem soup mixes, etc.) are made with ingredients from China.