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Mar 8, 2013 03:46 PM

Does sauerkraut ever go bad?

A recent archaeological expedition into my fridge has unearthed a sealed plastic bag of sauerkraut. I bought it several months ago for the purpose of making Polish sauerkraut soup and then immediately forgot about it. Can refrigerated, sealed sauerkraut ever go bad?

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  1. Can it go bad? Yes.

    First I'd check the expiration date and see how far off youa re.

    Then I;d slit the bag open over a large bowl and give it a smell. If smelling Ok, then give a pinky finger broth taste.

    Past it's prime or bad sauerkarut will continue to ferment thus making it slightly rancid, gassy (lots o bubbles) or just too far gone.

    Jarred or canned sauerkraut suffer this effect far less than chilled bagged product as the plastic bags are gas permeable no matter the brand (just like 2 liter soda bottles) so osmosis occurs over time. Much slower when chilled and seald but it still happens. BTDT.

    Open and smell. Then taste if smell is ok. My guess is it is likely fine but the CH crowd is an edgy bunch.

    The nose and taste buds knows though LOL.

    1. I would look at the texture of the sauerkraut. If it didn't mush out (or discolor), I would use it.

      The fermentation/acidity of the kraut acts as a preservative.