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Mar 8, 2013 03:31 PM

I got Crabs - help!

I purchased crabs yesterday that were iced from a supermarket. They were not frozen but they were bound. I left them in the plastic bag last night.. did I just make them inedible?

There was a yellow liquid in the bag in the afternoon that I quickly disregarded. I've never cooked raw whole crab before and these are not the standard large orange crabs, they are smaller and grey (but not horseshoe)

I really don't want food poisoning.

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  1. I don't think any crab is orange when raw.

    1. The yellow liquid is urin. Yes crab piss. Are the crabs alive or dead? Will follow up later.

      1. Ye they were alive, they were in a frozen coma because I went back today to get more. They seemed to reanimate when I washed them. Yesterdays batch is still in the fidge in water... I think they're dead. I just don't know for sure cuz I left rubber bands on them. Think they're edible? Or chuck them?

        1. Don't ever put the crabs in fresh water. That will kill them. Store them on ice. they will be fine for a day or two. Boil or steam them up. You can try to cook the dead ones. If the meat is mushy or has a sour taste, don't eat. You probably won't get sick but not worth the chance.

          1. Here are instructions and pictures how to prepare dungeness crab: Here is a good video on crab including re-heating them takes steam for about 7 minutes at: I like to crack and eat crab plain. Two favorites are to dip in cocktail sauce or melted butter (with fresh garlic chopped very fine in it). Crab is good inside an omelet with melted cheese. Crab makes tasty dip.

            Let your nose be your guide. Best to catch and prepare crab yourself to know exact freshness. If smells 'off' or like 'amonia' toss. Should smell like the sea (or what you boil it in). If orange possibly pre-cooked. Your butcher will take them apart for you when buy if ask them to when buy. Keep cool and eat ASAP. Lasts a few days cold. Closer to fresh the better. Eat them if haven't already!