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Mar 8, 2013 01:00 PM

Dine Around Seattle 2013

I'm normally *really* skeptical of these sorts of events - if this is anything like Dine Out Vancouver it results in average (or worse) food, crowded restaurants, harried staff and ultimately poor value.

But, every once and a while there's a gem. Do any of the 2013 participants qualify, or at least pique your interest?

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  1. From this list, my picks would be Nishino, Carmelita, and Ray's in that order. I have been to Nishino during a previous dine-around and it was great.

    1. La Bete, Cantinetta, and Barolo are all excellent, even during these promo events.

      1. Skipping it this time around. Was a great experience years past, but the last couple of times this has come around, it's become painfully obvious that the restaurants have turned towards using it more as an avenue of revenue than marketing (what it was supposed to be). All you ever get anymore are smaller plates than you would normally receive, and dish options using the cheapest ingredients in their kitchen as opposed to displaying some creativity.

        Now I'm gonna use restaurant week as an excuse to NOT dine out (usually do so 7-10 times a week when one factors in lunch) and to display a little creativity at home.