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Mar 8, 2013 12:59 PM

Chez Panisse Alternatives for tonight?

My husband and I were planning to eat at the cafe tonight for a special occasion, but seeing as how there was a fire there, obviously that won't be happening. Any suggestions for alternatives? I'm hoping for similar type of food (we are mostly veggie, but do eat fish, prefer wild-caught) and atmosphere. Preferably not too loud and a nice, slow dinner would be great. Prefer East Bay but open to other places. Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. Special occasion and quiet, back room at A Cote (front is noisy) or Haven.

    1. Call Chez Panisse. They should have someone helping those that had reservations get another one somewhere else.

      1. Rivoli and BayWolf are another couple of options.

        There really aren't many good restaurants that are quiet on a Friday night. Ajanta and Riva Cucina, but they have a different style of food.

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          I never heard of Riva Cucina, will have to take a look at that for another time, thank you! I do like Ajanta also.

        2. Thanks guys. We thought of BayWolf too but just had takeout from there a couple times recently, so not that eager to go tonight.

          We thought of Jardiniere, not East Bay but maybe close enough to what we're looking for overall.

          Another choice, that is kind of out there was Bull Valley Roadhouse in Port Costa. Never eaten there but might make for an interesting night?

          Very sad about Chez Panisse. Hope it's fixed up soon. I'm glad the damage was limited at least.

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            Went to Bull Valley last night and it was awesome--but not a lot of veggie options for you, if I remember correctly. Definitely an interesting excursion- solid food and cocktails, nice atmosphere.

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              Thanks. That's where we ended up. Wasn't bad actually for veggie options, although we did have fish for the entree. I agree with you definitely was interesting!

          2. You could try Meritage at the Claremont. Also, maybe someone can chime in with a recent experience.


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              I ate there once and was underwhelmed but it was many, many years ago. Would be great to hear of a more recent experience. Thank you!