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Mar 8, 2013 12:58 PM

Can I substitute....

Can I substitute plain Greek yogurt for sour cream when making beef Stroganoff?

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  1. I find them interchangeable in a pinch (and I always use creme fraiche instead of sour cream). However, be careful not to overheat the yoghurt, and be aware it will alter the nature of the dish a bit. Sour cream is after all a substitute for smetana

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      Ditto this, especially the overheating part, it will curdle if it gets too hot, and use at least 2% or full fat greek yogurt. The 0% kind doesn't work so well.

      1. re: juliejulez

        I don't think the full fat Fago Greek Yogurt will curdle and the taste is noticeably different from even the 2% for many recipes. It is harder and harder to get the not reduced fat and Fago is the only Greek I have tried. I like it better on potatoes for example than sour cream.
        The 2% and 0% will curdle or separate if heated too much for sure.

    2. Try adding a little corn starch slurry to the yogurt before you add it at the end, on very low or no heat. It helps to avert separation.