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Mar 8, 2013 12:44 PM

Best Indian Restaurant in the Philadelphia area

I wanted to find out which indian restaurant is your top favorite.

My personal favorite has to be Indian Hut in Bensalem, PA. With Food Castle coming to a number 2.

In the city itself, I would have to say Karma or Palace at the Ben.

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  1. When was the last time you were at Food Castle.. I thought I saw that the restaurant closed/changed hands?

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      Few months ago. And thats a good point. I guess I can't say for sure thats number 2. Though it was very good.

      Hmm, in that case my number 2 would be Karma.

    2. Craig LaBan recently wrote a positive review of Indian Hut Curry & Cakes in Exton. I haven't been, but it sounds good.

      He also likes, as do I, Dosa Hut Chat House in Eagleville.

      Of course, there is Tashan, for a more high-end take on Indian. I generally enjoyed my one dinner there, but it seemed a weird mix of traditional and creative that struck a somewhat discordant note for me. However, the dinner was part of a wine shop's tasting of rieslings, which was a bit disorganized (Tashan's service didn't help), so I really need to go back and focus on the food.

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        We followed up LaBan's review with a visit to the Exton location of the HUT. I must say Craig's review nailed it, IMO. His description of the Manchurian dishes described them perfectly. We do like and most often love Indian dishes and the Hut offers items I have not found at other establishments. Even the hot pickles, a small cup free side, were the best I have had. Next time I will offer to pay for a larger portion. The decor, well it is vibrating electric colors of greens and oranges. This is Indian street food not a dining experience. Love Indian spices? Give it a try!

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          Thanks for recommending Tashan. I didn't know it existed. I will be trying it out this week. I hope its good.

        2. Had a great meal the other night at Tashan -- don't know how authentic it was but very delicious.

          1. IndeBlue across the bridge in Collingswood. Awesome curries and breads. Ektu for takeout/ delivery.

            1. IndeBlue is def very solid and lucky for Philly folks they'll be opening a location in the city shortly. The best Indian I've EVER had is a place called Nimit Palace in Voorhees. It's in a small little strip on White Horse Road (not pike). Literally like an Indian grandmom and grandpop cooking for you in their kitchen. Prices are exceptionally reasonable and the flavor is spot on. I find myself talking to myself about how good it is as I'm eating it.

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                IndieBlue is def. good. I'm surprised that no one mentioned Monsoon. Monsoon has the best buffets in the area.