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Mar 8, 2013 12:26 PM


Anyone heard of these guys, there's a write up in the Gazette Sandwich series by Sarah Musgrave. Homemade dogs and buns, sounds interesting.


They don't have a location yet but they'll be at the Rose Bowl this weekend. The guys have an APDC and Appetite for Books connection.

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  1. the owner of appetite books one of coowners was talking about the concept on radio, and although dogs will be homemade I think he said they will still have nitrates to improve the colour of the meat. Toppings will be a unique feature, varying from the usual.He said they will be large so one with the generous toppings should be enough. ALso no plan to do steamies as enough of those in city. Worth a try if not too far away

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      Which CJAD show Friday? I assume they will get tons of local media coverage with the Appetite for Books connection.

    2. Anyone went to try their hot dogs Sunday? Is it very good?

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        there was a montreal gazette article with pictures and the dogs looked incredible. $6.50 for a huge homemade hotdog, toppings and bun is a steal!


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          What makes a hot dog different than a sausage? The first line of the article is "Homemade and hotdogs aren’t often uttered in the same breath. " ... Which is true.. .so is it just a marketing gimmick?

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            I was even aware of Chaud Dogs before Sarah Musgrave wrote about them in Montreal Gazette last week. Initially I didn't know Appetite for Books Jonathan Cheung connection.

        2. So are Chaud Dogs homemade dogs & buns any good? Still haven't checked them out yet. I know they have their food truck in Montreal now.

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            I just had them today and they're delicious. I had the Caesar Dog ($9 for combo with chips, $7 for just the dog) - hot dog with Caesar Salad and crispy chicken skins on top. Very fresh, very tasty. Their menu changes weekly though, so not sure what they'll have when you check them out. Worth the $9 to try them out though!

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                Re-read the Sarah Musgrave's Sandwich Club article from May on Chaud Dogs. The dogs' casing are natural animal derived product.