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Mar 8, 2013 11:59 AM

Vinoteca de Monica recs?

I'll be joining some friends there tonight and have never been. Any must-tries, or items to avoid?

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  1. Have only been there once so not a wide cross-sampling to say the least (!!) but we really enjoyed the diver scallops, pumpkin ravioli and marsala chicken. I am not a big wine drinker but they have an interesting cocktail list and the "Blood Orange" was tasty indeed.

    1. The Tajarin con Piselli e Prosciutto is one of the best dishes in the North End. We've probably been their 15 times and my wife gets it every time. I always try something different and end up annoyed I didn't get it. That being said, most everything is above average for the N. End.

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          I have. It's good, but carbonara can be bonkers good, so it's a little bit of a let down.

          1. re: ScotchandSirloin

            Thanks, looks like it's a Tajarin night.