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Mar 8, 2013 11:47 AM

Guest arriving (1st time in US) in 3 hrs - last minute ideas?

Hi all,
I have a guest (colleague) coming in the city in 3 hours - his 1st time ever in North America...

He is here on business, which means limited time for "personal" meals, etc...

My wife and I are taking him out tonight (business expense).

Any ideas for a good NYC experience? My first thought was Fairway (unique setting, not touristy, nice view of Broadway)

Any other ideas?


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  1. where outside the us is he coming from? i think this matters quite a bit. My indian in-laws (who have been to north america many many times) love: meat products they cant get at home (notably beef and charcuterie), pizza, hamburgers but also "healthy" food like fresh salads and things that are either unavailable or prohibitively expensive to have other than rare occasions.

    hill country has gone over huge with them in the past, and seems pretty distinctly american (if not terribly representative of new york) though it wouldnt be my first pick if someone elses business was picking up the tab.

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    1. re: tex.s.toast

      He is German...(Duesseldorf) (He is flying in from Toronto, so he will not be jetlagged).

      I am expensing, but I am also expensing another on Sunday, so I would like to not break the bank (even if it is not _my_ bank)

      1. re: doof

        Yes, Hill Country may not be a bad idea... Thank you!

    2. Where is your guest coming from?

      Fairway is very casual. While the food is good, the service can be spotty.

      Depending on availabilty, if you're expensing the meal you could do something upscale with an American menu, such as:

      Colicchio and Sons
      Union Square Cafe
      The NoMad
      Tha Dutch

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      1. re: Tommy D.

        German (but has been in Toronto for a week).

        His flight just got delayed, so we will probably go eat 9ish...

        I also thought of Robert (for the view)... Their brunch food did not impress me... Never been for dinner

          1. re: Tommy D.

            Craft - only 10pm available on OpenTable
            Colicchio & Sons - 9:30
            USC - 10pm
            Perilla - 10pm
            The NoMad - fully booked
            WD-50 - 9:30pm, though it depends if the guest is up for a tasting menu after traveling

          2. (And on Sunday we are doing steak at Quality Meats).

            1. Some of the uniquely American or NY places that come to mind will have a wait. Do you think he'll be up for a bit of a wait? Also it might not be too bad if his flight gets in a little bit later and you don't eat until 10 or so.

              I see Hill Country has 9:45 on OpenTable. You could also try a late reservation at Blue Ribbon Bakery who is now in OpenTable.

              Momofuku Ssam Bar strikes me as distinctly NY but you'll probably wait a bit for a table.

              Katz's Deli and John's of Bleecker, are all NYC sorts of places but don't take reservations. Parm? Shake Shack?

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              1. re: kathryn

                Ah yes, a nice NY pizza may be good too at John's...

                Yes, he gets in to LGA at 7:30, so we are looking at after 9...

                Thank you!!