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Mar 8, 2013 11:28 AM

Zare vs. Radius (Business Dinner for 5)

I'm a long time fan of Zare at the Flytrap (where else are you going to get Persian-French-Cali cuisine?) But I wanted to get a few hounds' thoughts on Radius. I'm planning a business dinner for 5. We're all in our 30s, and the restaurant should be relaxed with great food. The criteria are:

-food quality/uniquness
-pricing (seems the same; am I wrong?)
-ambiance (should be quiet enough to carry on a conversation)

Any strong preferences?

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  1. I only been to Radius cafe for lunch, so can't compare directly, but recently I went to an impromptu dinner at Zare after an event downtown, and our meal was great. The last time I'd been was a couple years back, and though I remember the food being good, the dining room was pretty empty both at lunch and dinner, but this time there were quite a few business-type dinners that seemed to be happening around us, Yelp execs, and people still in their work-week suits.

    Parking seems like it would be easier around Radius, if that's a concern, but Zare is easier to BART/Muni. To me, Zare's small and share-able plates make sharing a communal meal with a group a better bet than ordering an entree per person, which seems to be what Radius offers.