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Mar 8, 2013 11:27 AM

Baby Shower Locations/tea houses for brunch for 12-15 girls

Need some help! Want to throw my sister a baby shower this Spring, but am on a tighter budget. Need it to keep it around $15/person or less. But want a cute little venue that I wouldn't have to decorate too much (preferably west side, but open to other areas). A tea house maybe? Would appreciate any and all suggestions!

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  1. Off Vine may cross over the budget a little bit, certainly if you order the bottomless mimosas. But you may want to take a look at their brunch menu. Maybe they offer up a menu that only has three or four choices, to control the cost.

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      Thanks LA Buckeye Fan! We are LA Buckeyes too! I will check it out : )


      It's in Venice with parking lot (easier to pack up presents). I went to a lovely baby shower in the covered (girly) patio.

      The hostess limited the menu to their greatest hits -- burger, french toast, salads. We went over our time, but the restaurant was gracious. They were accommodating to our littlest guests, making sippy cups with lidded plastic cups. (There's a bar, also.


      Good luck!

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        Thank you so much! I threw her wedding shower at 26Beach so I was looking for a different place, but maybe we will end back there. Thx for the reply.

      2. I threw a shower at the closed location of Chado Tea Room on 3rd Street, but they have other locations to choose from. I know you said westside, but the Little Tokyo location is gorgeous and modern -- perhaps if you threw the party on a Sunday it would still work, due to less traffic?

        We made our own flower arrangements and favors for the table, but I'm not sure the flowers were necessary as they really set the table nicely. The food is SO GOOD, scones and opened faced sandwiches especially, plus the tea.

        Pretty sure it was $20 per person last year, and that included 3 tea pourings of your choice plus 3-tiered platters (split between two people).

        1. Not near the westside, but I've been to a baby shower at the Raymond House in Pasadena, and it was perfect. On the westside, I threw a baby shower at the Viceroy, in a cabana by the pool, and it was also lovely. I wouldn't recommend the Viceroy if the shower you are throwing is kid-friendly though, unless you have people that are there to specifically watch the kids near the pool.

          1. There's NO WAY Raymond / Viceroy would be <= $15/pp.

            Pitfire Fairfax's patio? Mariscos Los Koritas? I don't know what's cuter than a mariscos truck parked outside a truck stop. Think outside the box. Are there no parks on the Westside? That's how it's done on the cheap in my ghetto 'hood.

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              Whoops. Didn't see the price limit :)