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Dinner & A Movie coming soon to Yonkers, NY-Alamo Drafthouse Yonkers

Not sure if this was ever posted but Alamo Drafthouse has taken over the old UA Cinema location at 2548 Central Park Avenue Yonkers, NY. and will be opening Spring/Summer of 2013.

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  1. very interested in this

    1. This is very exciting! I went to an Alamo Drafthouse cinema in Austin on a recent trip (and asked on the appropriate CH board for food recommendations). Highly recommend!

        1. I heard about this last summer but haven't seen any work being done at the site.

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            Website says they broke ground 10 days ago.

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              I was by there today and it looks like nothing is going on.

              1. re: JMF

                Exactly... nothing moving on the Five Guys next door either. Both have been pretty static since the summer.

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                  I saw some signs of life in the movie theater yesterday, and there is a new "Five Guys Coming Soon" sign up. Maybe we will have these open in the near future.

          2. Is it me, or is this a strange location for an Alamo Drafthouse? I think of this more in a "hipster" type locale.

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              I don't understand why you think the old Movieland cinema is a hipster type location. Would you please explain?
              Duh, read that wrong. Yes, not the best location. That area is more of a bargain shopping center locale.

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                No - i think it's definitely NOT a hipster location. It's actually a pretty dreary location, which is why I find the whole thing strange.

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                  I think scarsdalesurprise means that the location is NOT hipster enough for the Alamo Drafthouse.

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                    I think scarsdalesurprise means s/he imagines the drafthouse would be in a more hipsterish location and the old theater is not quite that.

                2. Well, they have been advertising positions available on craigslist. So they may open in the near future.

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                    They told me (directly and personally) on Twitter that they plan to open this summer.

                  2. They are supposed to open in July :-)

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                      They had a table at the Clearwater Festival (good neighbors!) and said that the announcement of an opening date will come this week.

                      The website says there will be some opening week specials (half price admission and maybe food/drink specials?) for those who sign up for the email list.

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                          nice to see the yonkers brewing co team involved in this, their beer is delicious!

                      1. I got an email today that they are opening on August 5th and doing a soft opening to train staff on August 2-4 with $2 movies and half price food and drink (but full price alcoholic drinks).You can go on their website now to order tickets.

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                          EXCELLENT. Thanks for the posting. I just ordered tickets for The Shining $8 for 4 tickets and you get to pick your seats!

                        2. I bought tix for last Friday's soft opening but it got cancelled. I couldn't go back this past weekend (they offered to comp all my food if I went Sat or Sun) so I'm headed there tonight. Tonight's the last night it's 50% off all food. Will report back.....

                          1. This is a really fun concept and while it seems that they are still working out some kinks I will definitely be returning.

                            They really seem to have good customer relations. After the show I pre-bought tickets to was cancelled and the opening date was pushed to Sat from Fri, the manager emailed and offered free food Sat & Sun to people who had bought tickets to cancelled shows, free movie passes, and 50% off food from Monday to Thursday. So we went and got our passes tonight and saw The Way Way Back and got 50% our food bill. They obviously wanted to get people in and it worked, plus I appreciated the fact that they went out of their way to make up for the cancelled shows. Every staff member I interacted with tonight was very friendly and helpful.

                            The theater is a far cry from the dump it was way (way) back when I frequented it some 15 years ago. Seats are _extremely_ comfortable. Every other row was removed for the table/ledge and a pass-through for staff.

                            They have a really extensive beer list, with a focus on local stuff, like Yonkers, Peekskill, Bronx, maybe Capt. Lawrence, Greenpoint, Keegan, etc. You can order your beer at the bar in the lobby or order it at your seat. If you're looking for expediency, grab it in the lobby.

                            Food/drink menus are available at your seat. You place your order by writing it down on a piece of paper and putting it up in a holder so staff can see. Our drinks and bottomless popcorn came out very quickly. The popcorn is amazing! Definitely get butter and the extra parmesan sprinkle to put on top (ignore the calorie count).

                            Our food took a lot longer, almost an hour, but they apparently were backed up in the kitchen (we were perfectly happy munching on our popcorn). During that time all the servers seemed to conveniently disappear. Anyway, we tried three different pizzas and a salad. The crust is good and the pizzas, in the $10-15 range, could feed 2 moderately hungry people. My mushroom pizza was really heavy (I think all the mushrooms were fried) but good. My sister's eggplant pizza was the best. My husband had the Carnivore with lots of different meat on it, which he enjoyed. The salad was great, though drowning in dressing, which I'd get on the side next time: greens with olives, roasted peppers, fresh bread crumbs, and pesto. It's not gourmet food, but it's better than I expected and the ingredients seemed to be fresh.

                            Without a discount, all that food/drink would have cost about $70 plus tip (for three people) so all in all it isn't a terribly costly meal. But what I would do next time is more of a drinks/snacks approach-- maybe try one of their adult milkshakes and the fried pickles and fries and other appetizers.

                            It's definitely fun and a novelty and like I said it was so comfortable that I felt like I was watching a movie in my living room, except I didn't have to cook dinner! Win win.

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                              Thanks for the report! We will definitely have to give this a try.