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Mar 8, 2013 10:49 AM

[London] Neighborhood w/highest concentration of bistros, trattorias, and gastropubs?

Hello to the London board!

I'm wondering if you all can help point me in the right direction...

My partner and I are visiting London for six weeks, mid-April-June. We can stay anywhere, provided it's within 30-mins tubing to both Knightsbridge and Holborn stations.

We eat out often and prefer simple, fresh bistro-trattoria-gastropub type of fare. My partner likes to sit in a comfortable chair and not have to dress up.

Can you suggest a neighborhood that has the highest concentration of this type of place within walking distance?

Any recommendations or insight much appreciated!

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  1. London is pretty easy to get around, and it's tricky to say one area has a high concentration over others.

    There are quite a few 'foodie' areas (search the board, there's a rather heated debate on the 'best'!) - for starters head to Brixton Village for street food fare, East London for 'ethnic' choices (Pakistani, Vietnamese to name a few) and some excellent 'mid range' restaurants and gastropubs.

    Soho has a huge variety of pretty much everything, from three star to pubs with pies, tapas, ramen joints, and of course Chinatown. I'd suggest you search the board for what you really want and where and we can probably be a bit more helpful!

    1. On the info you've given I'd suggest Fitzrovia.

      It's central and you've got Marylebone, Soho, Covent Garden and Bloomsbury on your doorstep- which will offer a large number of places that fit your brief. You'd also not be that far from Camden or Angel which would provide with more choice. If you search theses areas on the board it will give you an idea of whats about.

      1. I only visit the capital periodically and, then, usually not to the central "tourist area". However, I would have thought that, in terms of high concentration of restaurants, Chinatown and Soho wouldhave to be well up the list, as already suggested. Not sure how helpful that actually is - but it answers the question posed.

        1. Personally, I'd choose a hotel or apartment first, and then think about the food options. There is an abundance of good choices almost anywhere you'd decide to stay, especially if you're coming for work and maybe don't have to pay, yourself, for an accomodation.

          There are a great many good choices in the Clerkenwell/Islington area, too. Hotel Zetter as a base?

          1. A very belated thank you to everyone who replied! Good suggestions all around. We had to delay our trip, sadly. But have saved this for the future...