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Mar 8, 2013 10:26 AM

Restaurants near Hobby Airport

Here's a question we get here occasionally, where can out-of-towners eat near Hobby? Much past Dot, I have no answer. But here's a list for future reference. Maybe the list will expand with the terminal expansions there underway at Hobby.

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  1. The only ones I've been to are Tel-Wink and your mention, Dot, both great. Though I've never been, Mandola's Del on Leeland and Cullen looks good.

    My brother was disappointed a few years back when I picked him up at Hobby and the Blue Oyster Bar had closed, so we hit James Coney Island just inside the loop. Nothing earth shattering, but sometimes a couple of coneys hits the spot, especially to an ex-Houstonian. I really miss the Blue Oyster Bar and the Prince's Drive In on Cullen and I45. There's also a Pappas Seafood near JCI, Woodbridge exit.

    Less than 10 minutes away off Wayside is El Jardin on Harrisburg and 78th for stellar Tex Mex, queso flameado, grilled meats, and camarones empanizados, fried shrimp.